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Complaints? What complaints?

December 12, 2008

School spirit. We all know what it is, and chances are that after we graduate we’ll have some as alumni. But one of the first things I noticed upon arriving at this school was a serious lack of pride in its students. Sure, we all wear our school’s logo on our hoodies, and I was one of the multitudes jumping up and down singing “Oh When The Storm Comes Rolling In” at last week’s quarter-final comeback victory in Belson Stadium, but I can’t help but notice the amount of complaining St. John’s students do.

We gripe about our location, the quality of our education, the food, the residence halls, campus events, the basketball team, even the lack of attractive females on campus (well, at least we did before we saw this year’s freshman class, *wink*). In 2007, the Princeton review ranked our school #7 on it’s “Least Happy Students” list, the highest St. John’s has ever ranked in any Princeton Review list.

So what is it about our school that makes students so unhappy about going here?

For those living on campus at least, a major concern is the services the department of Residence Life provides resident students.

“Residence Life should provide students with four things: Good living conditions, quality food, entertainment, and safety,” said Andrew Scott, who lives in the townhouses, “St. John’s department of Residence Life has failed in all these areas.”

As far as good living conditions are concerned, students have found many faults in the living conditions in St. John’s dorms. For Andrew Scott, these problems manifested themselves in a leaking shower, cockroaches, several leaking air conditioning units, and sprinklers without caps in what were supposed to be brand new townhouses. “There was a lack of preparation for students moving into the townhouses. The construction wasn’t finished, and you could tell they cut corners when building them.”

Faulty plumbing and air conditioners are what you can expect if you’re lucky enough to get housing in the townhouses, but what about student’s who can even manage that? Last year, with two new housing facilities opening and a host of new places to live, housing selection was a disaster.

Louis Nicosia, a Junior, was one of the many given an incorrect appointment time last year. He said: “I was told that my appointment was at 8:30 a.m., which is a great time, and when I arrived they turned me away and told me to come back at three, when most of the housing was already taken.”

As for the food Residence life provides, St. John’s also gets low marks. Montgoris’ abomination of a cafeteria is one of the most reviled things on campus.

While the low quality of the food is what angers most residents, Montgoris’ trayless Tuesday and Thursday program is especially unpopular. Chartwells, the catering service in charge of Montgoris, claims that the money it saves by not washing trays it donates to the school’s midnight run charity program. “As a coordinator for the midnight run program I can tell you that we haven’t seen a dime from Chartwells” says Andrew Scott.

While Marillac cafeteria provides an alternative to Montgoris’ food (And this writer uses food in the loosest terms, it’s more like pig swill), and extremely popular thanks to the meal exchange plan that allows students to substitute one meal under the value of $7, It’s often crowded, with little food available during peak hours and nowhere to sit. “The Meal Exchange ends at 9:30, 10 minutes before night classes end,” said Michael Keenan, “There’s a very narrow window of time dictating when you can or can’t get food.”

There’s very little complaint by most students when it comes to entertainment, however, many complain that the school hemorrhages money into campus events, neglecting more important departments. “I was at an event that was attended by about eight people, and we each went home with an entire pizza and a load of cups and bagels,” said Keenan “that’s a serious waste of money. A lot of campus events are just people giving away pizza.”

Most unpopular of all with residents is the school’s visitation policy which students just love to complain about. Computer science major Kevin Whelan puts it best: “The University justifies the visitation policy as an instrument for keeping the students safe, but I think that with the Founder’s Village Townhouses, it’s clear that the University can treat its students as adults with regards to visitation without compromising their safety.”

The general opinion on campus is that students are treated more like children under the custody and care of St. John’s university rather than tenants who ware paying thousands of dollars to reside on campus.

So what’s the verdict? Are Student’s complaints justified? Answer the poll, and comment with some more complaints:

-Mario Vergara

Student Q&A: Life after graduation

December 12, 2008

Michael Pote, 21

Year: Senior

Major: Advertising

Lives: Brooklyn, New York

What are you going to do on graduation day?

The first thing I’m going to do is graduate, after that, I haven’t really made any plans. I might go out and eat dinner or something with my family, but I’m definitely trying to party. It’ll be one of the last days that me and my friends are all here, and it’s my last day of school, so it’s definitely reason for celebration. As for specifics, I haven’t made any plans yet, but I definitely want to do something unforgettable.


Is STJ the best of NYC?

December 12, 2008

I’m putting STJ to the test–I’m taking four area schools and seeing how they rack up compared to our humble Queens abode. The competitors are: Upper East Side’s Hunter College, nearby Queens College, our neighbors over at Stonybrook U, and Hofstra University.

At first glance, Hunter College, outpaces all the other respective schools in population alone, boasting over 15, 000 students alone. STJ, Stonybrook, and Queens aren’t far behind with student populations in the tens of thousands. Hofstra differs with a population under 10,000. The winner hear goes to preference–if one likes small schools then Hofstra is the clear victor.

It should be noted that Queens College, Hunter and STJ are smack dab in the middle of city environs, while Hofstra and Stonybrook are tucked away in the ‘burbs. If you like access, then these schools aren’t it unless you have a car.  Public transportation surely gets you anywhere you need to go in the city.


“Golden Boy” Oscar De La Hoya loses big time to Philippine star Manny Pacquiao

December 7, 2008
De La Hoya in his corner after the loss

De La Hoya in his corner after the loss

It looks like Oscar De La Hoya fans (like myself) saw him fight his last round, and boy was it brutal. His “dream fight” was more of a nightmare for Manny Pacquiao looked like a youger version of De La Hoya. Pacquiao’s consistency and speed brought back memories from the days when De La Hoya would pound on super stars like Julio Cesar Chavez, or Fernando Vargas (oh yeah if you follow Boxing you remember those fights). Too bad Pacquiao was doing all the pounding.  

Here is a compilation of some of the Golden Boy’s greatest moments – 

– Jose Silva

Stuff We’re (Loathing) This Week: Pt. 1

December 2, 2008

1. The sluggish ratings for “Britney: For the Record” (Of course, you knew it was coming.)

I really don’t understand where she went wrong. I mean the headlines have been all about her crazy mood swings etc for at least the past 2 years and now that she’s finally opened up… nobody wants to listen? I don’t get it. 3.5 million viewers? Even The Hills gets more views that that…PER EPISODE, and that’s not even actual reality.


Stuff We’re Loving: The AMA Awards

November 25, 2008

The American Music Awards had all the trimmings of any ordinary award show: a couple random categories filled with artists that no one has ever heard of, acceptance speeches by people who pretty much all say the same thing, a few good performances and oooof course wacky clothing.


Beyohd Gate 6: May I have your Blackberry please, Mr. President?

November 21, 2008

A lot of newspapers and magazines have been printing stories speculating what life will be like for the Obama’s when they move into the White House but none of them (that I’ve read) have taken this approach.

According to this New York Times article there will come a time when Mr. Obama will have to give up his cell phone, email, and any other electronic device or account that could lend a possible helping hand to all those pesky hackers out there. Its nothing new to the Presidency, even George Bush had to give up his old AOL account once he started his term.

According to the arcitle G Dubb sent out this email to his closest friends just before his accounts were shut down, “Since I do not want my private conversations looked at by those out to embarrass, the only course of action is not to correspond in cyberspace,” Mr. Bush wrote. “This saddens me. I have enjoyed conversing with each of you.”

Hopefully, we won’t be hearing any Obamagate tapes any time soon!

– Rachel S.

Inside Gate 6: In Case You Missed It!

November 9, 2008

I check my STJ email every day but I’ve heard a lot of people say that they rarely do, so I figured I’d put a few of those “personal announcements” on here, just in case you guys missed them!


I don’t know if ya’ll noticed but we haven’t had a concert yet this semester! That’s honestly one of my favorite parts about going to STJ but they need our help to plan them. The Office of Campus Activities has posted a survey asking for our opinion on artists that we’d “most likely go see” and they really need our feedback so they can get started! So go here and fill out the survey! Some of the artists include (just to name a few) My Chemical Romance,  Fall Out Boy and Paramore. (more…)

Stuff We’re Loving: The GOP v. Palin

November 8, 2008

Looks like the Grand Ol’ Party is a bit bitter after their landslide loss to the Obama team earlier this week. They’ve officially set there claws in Sarah Palin! It’s been said by sources who’d rather not be named (punks) that Palin was a “diva”, “didn’t know what NAFTA was,” “and didn’t know that Africa was a continent and not a country.” (more…)

Election 2008: Did you get a newspaper?

November 5, 2008

Newspapers are sold out at every corner store, newspaper stand and news box throughout the city. Newspaper companies are recording record sales, and stores are trying to order as many copies as possible. A few papers even printed and released special afternoon editions just so everybody could get a piece of the action.

Almost every one in the country is trying to grab a piece of history, and we’ll have to wait for a couple days before we see how many newspapers are actually sold today. If you’re still looking for a paper, stores around St. John’s were sold out early this morning.

Your best bet is going to Grand Central Station where there are a couple of news stands that have been keeping a healthy stock of newspapers coming in the whole day. But get there quick. If worst comes to worst, you’ll have to buy it on Ebay where the 11/05 NYTimes is going for $200.

If you know of any spots where students can get a copy of the paper, please let us know, everybody wants one right now.

-Jonnathan Coleman