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Grapevine: Professors get bonus based on student evaluations

December 5, 2008

The professor who receives the highest score on their course evaluations gets a bonus. One teacher is chosen from each department.

It doesn’t seem likely, but it may be the reason all professors stress the importance of filling out the annoying forms found in your email.

The University actually posts all information about the survey online, they explain why they scratched the in-class survey, and show all results of the evaluations for the past few years.

So how do teachers benefit from them?


Grapevine: Condom fines?

September 20, 2008

Resident students are fined if they’re caught having visible condoms in their dorm room.

Myth: “No, students aren’t fined if they have condoms in their dorm,” said associate vice-president of student affairs, Dr. Jose Rodriguez. “I’ve never even heard of that,” added executive director of student health and wellness, Dr. Kathryn Hutchinson.

Apparently students have been so affected by St. John’s Catholic mission that a majority have bought into the rumor. STJ does other things, like banning overnight guests of the opposite sex, in attempts to keep students abstinent. “It’s an effort to be consistent with the Catholic mission,” said Rodriguez.

Condom fines or not, it seems as if not many college students actually use condoms.

“The reality is that many college students are sexually active during their time at college,” said vice-president of marketing Trojan brand condoms, Jim Daniels. “What’s frightening is that only one in four of their sex acts is involving a condom, that’s a high-risk behavior pattern.”

Use a condom, here are some great brands.

-Jonnathan Coleman