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What up with that? Cats on campus

September 16, 2008

Every day, once the sun goes down, students are visited by outsiders from another species wandering around campus aimlessly. The wanderers can be seen walking the streets by Gate 6 and 7 with such a presence students ask, whose campus is this really? “There’s so many of them,” said one student. “They’re around Carey Hall, and I’ve seen faculty taking care of them.” They do tend to gather around Carey Hall, and the faculty he saw taking care of them was a public safety officer working the night shift. Every now and then, the officer, Bobby, will feed the creatures leftover crumbs. But he’s not faculty, and he’s not really taking care of them, he’s just bored at 1 in the morning. So who is responsible for this nightly gathering? “They’re just strays,” said a lady in the Residence Life office. “They wander from neighboring homes and find their way on campus. No one can have pets on campus.” Okay, St. John’s doesn’t own the rascals, but what about protecting them. “You can do whatever you want with them,” said the Residence Life lady. “Help yourself; just be careful, you don’t know what diseases they might have.”



-Jonnathan Coleman