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Stuff We’re Loving: Isis, first trans-gender Top Model…for Diddy?

September 30, 2008

Stuff we’re loving may seem like a weird category to put a post like this in but I don’t care… I’m LOVING the fact that people are finally making moves to accept others for who they are and who they want to be.

A prime[time] example of this can be found in America’s Next Top Model candidate “Isis” who was born as a male but is currently transitioning to become a female. 

But I mean, this isn’t news to anyone. The big story here is that despite all of the controversy that has been surrounding Isis it seems that she may come out on top after all. It has been leaked to a few blog sites that Diddy has been making undercover moves to sign Isis on as a model for his clothing line Sean John. No one seems to be able to confirm this rumor (probably since the ANTM season isn’t over) but I really wouldn’t be surprised if he did. 

That Diddy… always trying to stay on top of things. : x

Isis, 22, identifies herself as “a woman born physically male,” adding that she was “born in the wrong body” and always felt completely female.”

She’s been criticized on the show for not being “soft” enough or coming across “too strong” in her photos but bottom line, Isis is NOT a female… at least not yet. Transitioning from one sex to the other is no easy task. It can weigh heavily on any person both mentally and physically, can be extremely expensive and takes years to complete. 

Isis may be just another face on Top Model for right now but something is telling that she is certainly a person that we should all keep our eyes on.

– Rachel S.

Stuff We’re Loving: The Brighter Side of Evolution

September 30, 2008

EA Games made me exceptionally happy about two weeks ago; that’s the day I bought their newest baby, Will Wright’s Spore.  From flagella-flapping ameoba, to six-limbed scorpion-horse, you play as a creature of your own creation, evolving from tidal pool to galactic power, free-wheeling around the stars in a spaceship of your own design, trading, befriending, and blasting your way through hundreds and thousands of planets as you go.  It’s the coolest thing since Tony Jaa’s muay thai chase scene. (more…)

The Angry Johnnie, Where are My Teachers?

September 30, 2008
That would be pretty cool!

That would be pretty cool!

Hey Johnnies,

I come to you today mildly distraught. So, I am having trouble in one of my classes, and I probably should meet with my teacher to work out everything to see if i can actually catch up. Problem is, he only has 4 hours of office time, and they are all during my classes. When I asked if i could meet with him/her at another time, he/she says “well, I really don’t have time.”

Yeah, apparently not to many teachers around here too. (more…)

Inside Gate 6: St. John’s Own Gossip Girl?

September 30, 2008

An annonymous blog surfaced on the net this week, it promises to highlight all of the exclusive gossip floating around the St. John’s campus. The blog, which is surprisingly tounge-in-cheek and even includes pictures of the unfortunate targets[!], is sure to cause quite a stir. I hope I never see my face on there… = \

St. John’s Own Gossip Girl – Link to the site!


– Rachel S.

What We’re Loving, Postseason Baseball

September 29, 2008
No Parking in October, Yankee Fans!

No Parking in October, Yankee Fans!

What’s going on Johnnies?

As you read this, please note that there is a massive smile on my face the entire time I wrote this.

OK, so I know most of you guys reading this have lost hope in the baseball gods, as both the local teams, the Mets and the Yankees (yuck!), have managed to end their baseball season. But, just because your team is out of if, doesn’t mean you can forget about the month of October.

In two day, eight teams, including my Red Sawks (insert profane comment) will battle for the title of worlds best baseball club.

But this year is different, which may cause for you New Yorkers to find a rent-a-team to cheer for this October. (more…)

STJ Sports Round Up

September 29, 2008


The Flashlight is back with another sports round up. Here’s what happened to our Johnnies:

Women’s Volleyball: Volleyball has improved to 2-0 in the Big East Conference after edging out the University of Louisville, 3-2. Red Storm Sports reports senior Valeria Kovaleva had a career-high 20 kills, with seniors Casie Brooks and Lena Yee leading the team in digs.

Women’s Cross Country: Freshman Sabine Scheinder led the cross country team with a 10th place finish at Fairfield University’s 32nd Annual Father Leeber S.J. Invitational this past Saturday.

Golf: Red Storm golf placed fifth out of an overall 19 teams at the Yale Fall Intercollegiate in New Haven, Conn. over the weekend. Junior Michele Romano was the team’s star player.

Men’s Soccer: The No. 4 Johnnies pulled out a 1-0 victory against No. 22 Providence on Sunday, with junior Nelson Becerra coverting the game winning goal off of a penalty kick. St. John’s improves to 8-0-2 on the season.

Women’s Soccer: On their trip out to Pittsburgh, the women’s soccer team dropped their match against Pitt, 1-0. With the loss, St. John’s drops to 4-2-4 on the season, and 0-1-2 in Big East play.

-Alex Quevedo

Student Q&A: Robert Imparato

September 29, 2008


Yet another first! This time it is our Student Q&A. FO rhtis time, we did a quick interview with Robert Imparato, a 19-year old sophomore computer science major from Huntington Station, NY. And here we go…

From Roberts Facebook photo album

From Robert's Facebook photo album

Flashlight: St. John’s–why?

Robert: It’s close. It’s not too far and not too close. I can go home when I want to. And my brother Chris goes here.

Flashlight: What is one of the better things St. John’s has to offer, in your opinion?

Robert: It’s close to the city.

Flashlight: Of the multiple things you would want to change about the University, what is the biggest?

Robert: Trayless Tuesday. It’s ridiculous. I drop my food half the time. It should be optional, if anything. (more…)

Inside Gate 6: Academic Lectures

September 29, 2008

This year’s presidential election is one of the most historic races in American history and many students get their information from major media outlets. Go to Council Hall at common hour on Tuesday to hear NY Times reporter Michael Luo talk about what it’s like to cover such an important election, and how it’s different watching this election race from an insider’s vantage point.

Stuff We’re Loving: Ne-Yo’s “The Year of the Gentlemen”

September 29, 2008


Ne-Yo‘s new album The Year of the Gentleman was certainly written for the ladies… and let me tell you, chivalry is CERTAINLY NOT DEAD! He may have penned songs for everybody from Beyonce[Irreplacable] to Rihanna[Hate that I Love You] but this album is ALL him and I must say he does get pretty personal. He sings about missing out on a woman who gets married before he has the opportunity to woo her in “Fade into the Background”, his love for a woman who can provide for herself in “Miss Independent” and STILL found time to join New Kids on the Block on their radio cut “Single.”

Year of the Gentleman is sure to be a classic. He covers such a wide array of emotions in only 12 tracks that its hard not to want to just reach out and hold his hand. 



-Rachel S.

Campus Review: Trayless Tuesday

September 28, 2008


Nothing like a delay, right? Coming nearly a week late (which I am not trying to hide), here is our first Campus Review. First up on the block is Montgoris’ Trayless Tuesday program. Some of you may not be familiar with Montgoris, so I’ll get you up to speed.

Just like most college food spots, Montgoris Dining Hall enables the use of trays to hold your plates and drinks. Everything was fine. However, in an effort to save money and use less water, the Iron Fist of Montgoris had demanded that every Tuesday, trays will be taken away. Their poster treats it as if it is the coolest thing to do. Unforunately, it is far from.

Students now must struggle with trying to balance multiple plates of food and drinks in their hands. The Iron Fist argues that this will help cut down on food waste. This would make sense if the food was too good to waste, but that is for another story. Trayless Tuesday, even with its good intentions, is a major inconvience for most. (more…)