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You Know it’s Finals Week…

December 12, 2008

…when the hottest search on Google is the Gadsden Purchase; number 18 is the ‘Gaston Purchase.’

Good luck on your finals, if you have any left; I’ll see you all tomorrow.


Best Baby Names Ever

December 2, 2008

There comes a point in every fiction writer’s life when he finds himself on a baby naming website, or at least I hope it happens to every writer, or else, this just became awkward.

Trolling for names is sometimes a necessary task when writing stories, trying to name the sales clerk behind the counter.  In my perusing, I’ve found out two things; the best names never make it on the top ten and the names we curse our children with keep getting stupider and stupider. (more…)

Thanksgiving: New York

November 27, 2008

It’s so cold here, god this weather is annoying here.

Turkey Day at my house

Turkey Day at my house

My family has all gathered here in New York for a nice sit down to eat more food than we’re physically supposed to, and be very happy about it.  More to come later, after the tryptophan starts to kick in.  In the mean time, here’s something to think about… (more…)

Science: Green Developments

November 20, 2008


Wind turbines could be one future for the next generation of green technology. -
Wind turbines could be one future for the next generation of green technology. –

From new wind turbines, to solar panels that could pave the way for life on Mars, engineers and scientists have been as busy as you’ve hopefully been, studying for your finals.


Beyond Gate Six: Russian Threatens New Missile Installations

November 6, 2008

Welcome to the job Mr. Obama, so much for a learning curve.

One thing you have to give to Medvedev, he sure knows how to say hello, and in typical Cold War fashion, those hellos involve ballistic missiles.  For those who don’t recall, these are the ten Interceptor missiles agreed to set up back in August.

To me, it’s an interesting move, but not really unique for Russia.  It’s like poker; you’re on the table, and the new kid sits down, so you raise him right off the bat, just to see how he reacts.  It’s happened before.  Given all the little perks and incentives the Bush administration has offered Russia to ease Big Red’s tensions about the new missile installations, like complete transparency of the operation, so they would know if we pointed a warhead at the Kremlin, it’s hard to think that they’re actually intimidated by ten little rockets stationed near Warsaw.  Instead, I think, they’re more interested in testing our new executive’s mettle.

So Mr. President-Elect, I’m going to do you a favor.  I may lack legislative experience, but if there’s one thing I know it’s poker.  Learn well, padawan.

Russian President Dimitri Medvedev, image from

Russian President Dimitri Medvedev, image from

Election Results Update: ‘Obama Tsunami’

November 4, 2008

7:05 pm
MSNBC calls the Kentucky for McCain, and Vermont for Obama. Indiana is too close to call at the moment, but reports from North Carolina speak of an “Obama Tsunami.”

You can keep up with election results with CBS or Comedy Central, but remember to check back with the Flashlight all evening for our coverage of tonight’s historic election.

– Fernando Arrue

News Update: Dianne Wilkerson

October 29, 2008

As a follow-up to yesterday’s article involving her:

State Senator Dianne Wilkerson was released yesterday afternoon after laying out 50 grand in bail money, according to the Boston Herald.  Wilkerson, who allegedly used the money to splurge on nights at Foxwoods Casino and $6,000 handbags, appeared unrepentant in front of the courthouse today.  Her lawyer claimed the $6,000 in cash found in her bag was for “expenses.”

If you want to see her affadavit, it’s here.  The highlights are that Wilkerson is being charged with “attempted extortion under the color of official right,” and “theft of honest services wire fraud,” and has numerous previous charges, such as: (more…)

Science: New Planets

October 28, 2008

Attenion!  We are no alone in the universe!

No, we haven’t found ET, but we may be getting close.  The fine folks at SETI have been hard at work scanning a nearby star that goes by the name of Epsilon Eridani.  What they found is the first verifiable proof that our solar system may not be unique in the universe.  Essentially, this is what happened: (more…)

What’s Up With That: Corruption and Political Scandals

October 28, 2008

Seems like today has been an especially bad day for Massachussets State Senator Dianne Wilkerson, who got picked up this morning by the FBI for allegedly accepting over $20,000 worth of bribes.  She faces up to 20 years in prison and hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines if convicted, but at least she won’t be alone.  She’ll be just one of the flock of recent politcal controversies coming to the light of the news.


Update: UCA School Shooting

October 27, 2008

UPDATE: 10/27/08 – 2:03 pm

Original Article by me

The shooting occurred at 9:22 pm, October 26th, when the shooters opened fire on the students outside of the Snow Fire Arts Center, according to the transworldnews.  One of the students died at the scene, but the other two were treated at Conway Regional Medical Center.  One, an 18-year-old male, died from his injuries, and the other, 19, has been released due to relatively minor injuries.

The UCA campus in Conway has been locked down and classes today are cancelled.  Campus police say that they have not arrested the one person they were questioning, but, according to Lt. Rhonda Swindle, they “have some pretty good leads.”

– Fernando Arrue