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On Tap This Weekend: Oct. 17-19

October 17, 2008


The weekend has come and you may be wondering: what’s going on? Well there are plenty of things going on around anywhere you look (well, for the most part). Here’s some good stuff we’ve found: (more…)

St. John’s and the City

October 10, 2008

Hey there Johnnies,

A Place For Real Sports Fans

In this weeks of St. John’s and the city, I feel the need to be overzealous of the fact that I am a Red Sox fan in New York City. I mean, after this year, why wouldn’t this be heaven? For all you other City Sox fans, I have a place you can go to enjoy the ALCS this weekend, without the nagging rants of jealous Yankee fans and without an Amtrak ticket back to Boston. Now, this place ain’t no Cask N’ Flagons, but it’s sure as hell good enough… (more…)

What We’re Loving, Postseason Baseball

September 29, 2008
No Parking in October, Yankee Fans!

No Parking in October, Yankee Fans!

What’s going on Johnnies?

As you read this, please note that there is a massive smile on my face the entire time I wrote this.

OK, so I know most of you guys reading this have lost hope in the baseball gods, as both the local teams, the Mets and the Yankees (yuck!), have managed to end their baseball season. But, just because your team is out of if, doesn’t mean you can forget about the month of October.

In two day, eight teams, including my Red Sawks (insert profane comment) will battle for the title of worlds best baseball club.

But this year is different, which may cause for you New Yorkers to find a rent-a-team to cheer for this October. (more…)