Campus Review: Trayless Tuesday


Nothing like a delay, right? Coming nearly a week late (which I am not trying to hide), here is our first Campus Review. First up on the block is Montgoris’ Trayless Tuesday program. Some of you may not be familiar with Montgoris, so I’ll get you up to speed.

Just like most college food spots, Montgoris Dining Hall enables the use of trays to hold your plates and drinks. Everything was fine. However, in an effort to save money and use less water, the Iron Fist of Montgoris had demanded that every Tuesday, trays will be taken away. Their poster treats it as if it is the coolest thing to do. Unforunately, it is far from.

Students now must struggle with trying to balance multiple plates of food and drinks in their hands. The Iron Fist argues that this will help cut down on food waste. This would make sense if the food was too good to waste, but that is for another story. Trayless Tuesday, even with its good intentions, is a major inconvience for most.

They can take our trays, but they can never take our freedom!

They can take our trays, but they can never take our freedom!

Too many students are left without a free hand to even grab silverware. Food gets piled on top of items that shouldn’t be mixed, and if students try to avoid that, then it creates more congestion as students file back and forth to get more food. And when you look at the conveyor belt leading to the back room, it is incredibly dirtier than with trays. I wonder how much more water it requires to wipe that thing down.

So we feel Montgoris has swung and missed with this one. Of course, that won’t change anything. Montgoris, for the most part, fails to post any negative feed back on their comment board (as if people really don’t read that).

On a side note, if you check out the lastest issue of the Torch (September 24 issue), there is a hilarious Letter to the Editor concerning Trayless Tuesday. Also, there seems to be some talk about other Trayless Tuesdays from a variety of other places.

-Alex Quevedo

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