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Student Q&A: Life after graduation

December 12, 2008

Michael Pote, 21

Year: Senior

Major: Advertising

Lives: Brooklyn, New York

What are you going to do on graduation day?

The first thing I’m going to do is graduate, after that, I haven’t really made any plans. I might go out and eat dinner or something with my family, but I’m definitely trying to party. It’ll be one of the last days that me and my friends are all here, and it’s my last day of school, so it’s definitely reason for celebration. As for specifics, I haven’t made any plans yet, but I definitely want to do something unforgettable.



Student Q&A: Robert Imparato

September 29, 2008


Yet another first! This time it is our Student Q&A. FO rhtis time, we did a quick interview with Robert Imparato, a 19-year old sophomore computer science major from Huntington Station, NY. And here we go…

From Roberts Facebook photo album

From Robert's Facebook photo album

Flashlight: St. John’s–why?

Robert: It’s close. It’s not too far and not too close. I can go home when I want to. And my brother Chris goes here.

Flashlight: What is one of the better things St. John’s has to offer, in your opinion?

Robert: It’s close to the city.

Flashlight: Of the multiple things you would want to change about the University, what is the biggest?

Robert: Trayless Tuesday. It’s ridiculous. I drop my food half the time. It should be optional, if anything. (more…)