Stuff We’re (Loathing) This Week: Pt. 1

1. The sluggish ratings for “Britney: For the Record” (Of course, you knew it was coming.)

I really don’t understand where she went wrong. I mean the headlines have been all about her crazy mood swings etc for at least the past 2 years and now that she’s finally opened up… nobody wants to listen? I don’t get it. 3.5 million viewers? Even The Hills gets more views that that…PER EPISODE, and that’s not even actual reality.

2. Geek Chic? Really though…really?

I wish all celebrities would stay away from wearing glasses unless they actually need them. There’s nothing wrong with doing it every now and then but the whole trend thing is really getting old.  Its a shame to say that Jay-Z himself has fallen victim to the Geek Chic phenomena. Lets leave the spectacles to celebrities who actually need them… like Clark Kent and Stevie Wonder.

3. Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous Celebrity Kid


I thought this was hilarious!

I thought this was hilarious!

 This is one fascination that I will never understand. What is so amazing about the children of celebrities? (Aside from the Hilton sisters, who I personally think are fabulous and Maddox, Angelina Jolie’s first son) They don’t speak or dress themselves, so why do they have so much star power? I googled Surie Cruise and over 202,000 unique photos came up. That’s crazy! There was even a story centered around the fact that she wore a red coat to Thanksgiving dinner. = |







4. Can someone please explain to me why Beyonce’s new CD is so boring?!

When she announced that her album would be titled “I AM…SASHA FIERCE” I expected upbeat music topped with feisty lyrics. OK, basically I was looking for an entire album filled with songs like “Get Me Bodied”. But instead most of it is more along the lines of I’ve fallen, can someone help me up. It’s not that the album is horrible, its just not what I pictured Sasha Fierce to sing about. If I could write a open letter to B’s other personality, I’d tell her to perk up.



5. Angelina Jolie v. Jennifer Aniston

Jen and Brad were together for almost 10 years! I think she deserves time to get over it… 10+ years worth of time! I can’t imagine what it feels like to have your very private divorce be broadcasted everywhere. I love Jolie’s movies but dang… what she did was just plain grimey. Give them their space… please?







That’s it for this edition. Be back later with more things to ponder.

-Rachel S.

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