Stuff We’re Loving: The AMA Awards

The American Music Awards had all the trimmings of any ordinary award show: a couple random categories filled with artists that no one has ever heard of, acceptance speeches by people who pretty much all say the same thing, a few good performances and oooof course wacky clothing.

I would really love to know whats up with Bs metal finger!

I would really love to know what's up with B's metal finger!

The performances featured every one from Christina Aguilera, who opened the show, right down to the birthday girl, Miley Cyrus– who was actually one of the better performers of the night. I’m not really a big country fan so I didn’t really get all the hype behind Taylor Swift and her “White Horse” but she did take home her first AMA so, congrats to her. Mariah Carey’s performance was way too short and dull, which seems to be the norm for the diva recently. Newlywed Beyonce represented for all the single ladies, Christina just keeps getting better and Kanye is still having relationship problems, haha. All in all they stole the show. All of those performances after The Pussycat Dolls seemed very random—the producers must have been pressed for time or something.

The clothes, the clothes. There were some hits- like Fergie, who looked absolutely beautiful in a little black dress and Chris Brown… but I will never understand Rihanna’s fashion choices- on stage or off. She looked like she was wearing a over-sized dinner napkin. Jimmy Kimmel, who hosted the show, even joked that she and the Jonas Brothers get there hair done at the same salon…. and from the looks of it, that may be true!

For more on all of the hits and misses at this year’s AMAs visit E! Online.


– Rachel S.

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