Is STJ the best of NYC?

I’m putting STJ to the test–I’m taking four area schools and seeing how they rack up compared to our humble Queens abode. The competitors are: Upper East Side’s Hunter College, nearby Queens College, our neighbors over at Stonybrook U, and Hofstra University.

At first glance, Hunter College, outpaces all the other respective schools in population alone, boasting over 15, 000 students alone. STJ, Stonybrook, and Queens aren’t far behind with student populations in the tens of thousands. Hofstra differs with a population under 10,000. The winner hear goes to preference–if one likes small schools then Hofstra is the clear victor.

It should be noted that Queens College, Hunter and STJ are smack dab in the middle of city environs, while Hofstra and Stonybrook are tucked away in the ‘burbs. If you like access, then these schools aren’t it unless you have a car.  Public transportation surely gets you anywhere you need to go in the city.

Like the dorm life? Then pick Stonybrook, Hofstra or good ol’ STJ. CUNY schools offer dorms but not for everyone. (Our school has a mix; about 70 percent of the school commutes, but we all know about the housing controversy).

According to the Princeton Review, Hunter ranks high for diversity #7; Queens sits at #9– that beats us out as we sit at #17. (Last year, we were ranked one of the country’s best Northeastern Colleges. Hofstra has also been on the list once upon a time). The other two schools don’t rank, but each campus does boast a moderate mix. 

Each campus has hundreds of student organizations to choose from, however at Hunter and Queens College, you may have to try a little harder.

How much is it gonna cost?

The good news is, if you don’t mind living at home, you could put down a paltry $4,000 to attend CUNY Hunter or Queens College. Fear not, the small price is not indicative of the education…Queens College was ranked as one of Newsweek magazines 25 Hottest Schools this year. If you are a New York State resident, Stonybrook comes in at just under $13,000.
Hofstra will set mom and dad back over $30,000 a year. And we all know how much a St. John’s education will burn a hole in your pocket. Let’s see, for good measure let’s just throw it out there: $28,790 just to set your foot in the door (depending on if you are studying business or pharmacy this may change)–plus $12,570 for room and board.
Now, us St. John’s kids may be biased to our own school, therefore asking if we are the best may well be a rhetorical question. However, numbers don’t lie people. If you weren’t at St. John’s, what school would you pick?

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