Election 2008: Did you get a newspaper?

Newspapers are sold out at every corner store, newspaper stand and news box throughout the city. Newspaper companies are recording record sales, and stores are trying to order as many copies as possible. A few papers even printed and released special afternoon editions just so everybody could get a piece of the action.

Almost every one in the country is trying to grab a piece of history, and we’ll have to wait for a couple days before we see how many newspapers are actually sold today. If you’re still looking for a paper, stores around St. John’s were sold out early this morning.

Your best bet is going to Grand Central Station where there are a couple of news stands that have been keeping a healthy stock of newspapers coming in the whole day. But get there quick. If worst comes to worst, you’ll have to buy it on Ebay where the 11/05 NYTimes is going for $200.

If you know of any spots where students can get a copy of the paper, please let us know, everybody wants one right now.

-Jonnathan Coleman

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