Inside Gate 6: In Case You Missed It!

I check my STJ email every day but I’ve heard a lot of people say that they rarely do, so I figured I’d put a few of those “personal announcements” on here, just in case you guys missed them!


I don’t know if ya’ll noticed but we haven’t had a concert yet this semester! That’s honestly one of my favorite parts about going to STJ but they need our help to plan them. The Office of Campus Activities has posted a survey asking for our opinion on artists that we’d “most likely go see” and they really need our feedback so they can get started! So go here and fill out the survey! Some of the artists include (just to name a few) My Chemical Romance,  Fall Out Boy and Paramore.

The Blockbuster Movie Series – also known as the movies they show in the Little Theatre– is in full swing and there are still a few movies left in this month! I always go if I’m not in class or working; I personally think its pretty cool that they show movies that haven’t even come out on DVD yet!


30pm and 3pm




My personal recommenedation is Tropic Thunder. Its the movie that was made about the movie that was supposed to be made about a book that never happened. lmao. It’s absolutely hilarious! Check it out


NOV 12 @ 12:30 pm; 3pm & 5pm


NOV 13 @ 12:30pm and 3pm





And last but not least lets get out and support those REDMEN!

The school has posted an updated list of games per the completion of our new gym. “St. John’s men’s basketball fans can purchase tickets to individual Red Storm games at the new-look Carnesecca Arena in person, by phone, or over the Internet beginning Friday, Nov. 7. Fans can select from eight dates to be played in St. John’s on-campus venue, including three BIG EAST conference tilts.” (I’m sure they’ll be holding a few Women’s basketball games there too haha) Check out the realease for more information on dates and matchups! Maybe they’ll win more games this year since they have a new gym. ::crosses fingers::


-Rachel S.

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