St. John’s History: A Timeline of our mishaps…

Good Afternoon Johnnies,

St. John's has had a number of incidents that have affected the university over the years

St. John's has had a number of incidents that has affected the university over the years.

With this weekend’s unfortunate incident with Father Charles Plock, I have decided to give you guys a little insight on other incidents here on campus over the years that has impacted this university, even to this day…

1961- College Basketball Gambling Scandal. Involved 37 players and 22 universities (including St. John’s), all for the act of fixing basketball games.

1983- Off Campus Murder. A Student living off campus was stabbed by two men on her way back to her apartment in Jamaica Estates. The accused were sentenced to 16 years of jail.

1990- St. John’s University Lacrosse Team Rape Case. Three Lacrosse team members are charged with sexual assault of a 21 year old woman. Two other are acquitted of all charges and none of the lacrosse players are charged with rape. Law and Order featured an episode on the case.

1991- Rape at Alumni Hall. 17 year old female student is raped inside Alumni Hall (Renamed Carnesecca Arena) by a man stating he was a student on suspension from the university, though was never on record of coming here.

2000- Shooting in campus parking lot. Christopher Prince is charged with shooting 2 men in a parking lot on campus. The shooting left one man completely paralyzed.

2004- St. John’s Basketball Rape Case. Several players on the basketball team are charged with hiring a prostitute for $1000 to perform sexual acts upon them, yet only paid her $6. Most of the team were either suspended or expelled from the university.

2007- Gunman on Campus. A student, with prior psychological problems, came to campus with a rifle and a mask. He was taken out before any action was done, and was arrested for possession and intent of use.

~Matt Goulet

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