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Science: Elixir of youth

November 30, 2008

Almost every body has heard of the fountain of youth, and now scientists at the Spanish National Cancer Centre have moved farther along its path to discovery. (more…)

Thanksgiving: New York

November 27, 2008

It’s so cold here, god this weather is annoying here.

Turkey Day at my house

Turkey Day at my house

My family has all gathered here in New York for a nice sit down to eat more food than we’re physically supposed to, and be very happy about it.  More to come later, after the tryptophan starts to kick in.  In the mean time, here’s something to think about… (more…)

Science: Green Developments

November 20, 2008


Wind turbines could be one future for the next generation of green technology. -
Wind turbines could be one future for the next generation of green technology. –

From new wind turbines, to solar panels that could pave the way for life on Mars, engineers and scientists have been as busy as you’ve hopefully been, studying for your finals.


Beyond Gate Six: Scientists in Mexico Turn Tequila Into Diamonds

November 15, 2008

Tequila Diamonds

While people in Sierra Leone are getting their hands cut off in a war over diamond mines, Scientists at the National Autonomous University of Mexico have discovered how to make diamonds out of Tequila.

While experimenting with organic solutions that could result in an ultra-thin film of diamond-like material, the scientists discovered that a mix of 40% alcohol and 60% water worked best in forming the structure of a diamond. This is similar to proportions found in tequila.

However, this doesn’t mean that Jose Cuervo is going to open up a store on Fifth Avenue next to Harry Winston, as artificial diamonds are mostly used to coat cutting tools. Still, it proves science can pretty much do anything. Viva Mexico!

-Mario V.

Stuff We’re Loving: New Science

October 27, 2008

Feelings of Microcosmic Insignificance.

That’s what the hubble deep space field evokes.  The picture below is the most important picture ever taken by humankind, at least according to Tony Darnell, amateur astronomer and creator of

The Hubble Deep Space Field, courtesy of

The Hubble Deep Space Field, courtesy of

He even made a video about it on Youtube

That is the Hubble Deep Space Field, and what you’re looking at are thousands of galaxies, billions of light years away from us.  The Hubble Telescope essentially got corrective surgery one year, and scientists decided that they’d test this out by looking as far as they possibly could, and that’s what they saw, a picture of the absolute minuteness of our existence.

My apologies for the warm fuzzy feelings I’ve probably been giving you, (more…)