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St. John’s and the City, Oct. 24-26

October 24, 2008

Hey Johnnies,

Well, I’m happy to say i have made it back safely from my amazing trip to Harrisonburg, VA last weekend! It took me a while, but I knew all of you were worried since you hadn’t heard from me in a while (bold statement on my part).

This week, we have an event for you that takes me back to my youth. Being a child from New Hampshire, I lived for the fall. It was a time that brought out my favorite Patriots Starter Jacket, the most beautiful foliage in the world and, of course, PUMPKINFEST! It was a festival dedicated to the beauty of pumpkin carving and pumpkin pie and, well, everything pumpkin. Now, nothing will ever match Pumpkinfest (sadly, I’m missing it this year) but, here in the city, there is something similar going on in the worlds most famous park… (more…)