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A Look Back: Our Best St. John’s Moments

December 12, 2008


No matter what year you are in here at St. John’s, it probably only took you a little while to see the diverse opinions of the school from the student body. Many run into problems early on and form negative opinions about it. But others are able to get past that and form better opinions. And throughout one’s time here, there is a chance of getting outstanding opportunities from St. John’s.

When I came to St. John’s, I wasn’t sure of what exactly the school had to offer me other than what they stated on paper. I entered the University as a psychology major, thinking I knew exactly what I wanted to do after school. Things changed along the way, and come sophomore year, I was a journalism major. From that point on, the opportunities came.

I started writing for The Torch and after wowing my editor with my first film review, my second assignment was a little better: I would attend a press screening of Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning and subsequently interview the cast of the movie. Coming from Santa Barbara, Calif., I knew I was not going to get that same opportunity if I stayed at home and attended UC Santa Barbara. I’d get to see the celebrities that live in Santa Barbara sure, but interview them? Most likely not. After that first round of interviews, St. John’s has given me the chance to meet more celebrities: Jack Black and Kyle Gass of Tenacious D; John Cusack; Neil Patrick Harris and Kal Penn (better known as Kumar); the women of Sex and the City. Those are just some of the names.

But enough about me. I’ve talked with several students who will soon graduate from St. John’s about their unique opportunities. What I found were varied results, but one thing remained constant: St. John’s offered them fantastic opportunities that they will remember (possibly) forever. (more…)

Beyond Gate Six: NYC Halloween Subway

November 1, 2008

Happy spirits bewitched the New York City yesterday, so does the subway.

When I took the subway last night. There was one question hovered in my mind, “what hell is that?” ^_^

That was fun!

Stuff we’re loving: New York City Waterfalls

October 1, 2008

Waterfalls 1
waterfalls 2

The $15 Million art installation is closing on October 13th, so make sure you get to see it before it goes they way of Christo and Jean-Claude’s “The Gates”.

The NYC Waterfalls are four artificial cascades erected in different sites along the East River. there are two in Brooklyn, one in Manhattan, and one on Governor’s Island. They run from 5:30 through 9:00 PM on Mondays and Wednesdays, and from 12:30 through 9:00 on Tuesdays, Thursdays and weekends. shows you where you can get the best view of each waterfall, most of these vantage points are Downtown and Brooklyn, withing walking distance of each other, and easily accessible by subway. There’s also a suggested bike route that allows you to get a view of all waterfalls from several locations.

Circle Line Downtown gives boat tours of all four waterfalls as well as other sights in New York Harbor.

Just remember, there’s only 13 days left to see them!

-Mario Vergara