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Beyond Gate Six: Scientists in Mexico Turn Tequila Into Diamonds

November 15, 2008

Tequila Diamonds

While people in Sierra Leone are getting their hands cut off in a war over diamond mines, Scientists at the National Autonomous University of Mexico have discovered how to make diamonds out of Tequila.

While experimenting with organic solutions that could result in an ultra-thin film of diamond-like material, the scientists discovered that a mix of 40% alcohol and 60% water worked best in forming the structure of a diamond. This is similar to proportions found in tequila.

However, this doesn’t mean that Jose Cuervo is going to open up a store on Fifth Avenue next to Harry Winston, as artificial diamonds are mostly used to coat cutting tools. Still, it proves science can pretty much do anything. Viva Mexico!

-Mario V.

Beyond Gate 6 – Viva Mexico!

September 16, 2008

Today 16 de Septiembre marks Mexican Independence day. Hear the famous grito down below. 

Read a little history on “El Grito” here. 

– Jose Silva