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Flashlight Special: Who Said Graduates of St. John’s Don’t Make it Big?

December 12, 2008

schwab_logo1Hey there, stressful Johnnies,

Well, just like all of you reading this post, I am stressing out hardcore! I got one of my finals out of the way, and got two more to go (doubtful that you really cared, but too bad, I’m telling you anyways). Now, before you go commit academic suicide, just know that the work you are doing could lead to something big in the future. Maybe even famous!

Before I did this, I walked around campus to see if I could get some influence on who the students wanted to see in the post.

“There are famous people who have graduated from St. John’s?” replied one student.

“How about Britney Spears?” replied another. (I really wish I could have made that one up) (more…)


Stuff we’re loving: Monday Night Football

September 17, 2008

Almost 13 million homes tuned in to ESPN’s Monday night game between the Eagles and the Cowboys making it the most watched cable program in history. The previous record holders were last year’s Pats/Ravens game and High School Musical 2.

Nobody knew who would win the game until Donovan McNabb fumbled a¬†handoff to Brian Westbrook late in the fourth quarter resulting in the Eagles 37 – 41 loss in Dallas. They meet in Philly at the end of the season. Hopefully¬†DeSean Jackson won’t do something this stupid again.

-Jonnathan Coleman