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Inside Gate 6: Former Student: Lou Carnesecca

December 10, 2008

louGraduation is coming, for some students, congratulations! It already existed in their future plan. However, for others, it may be a little more than a year away, even longer. As a senior, you probably think a same question over and over again “Where will we go from there?” Should we go and seek a job, continue our education or something else?

      St. John’s University is such a diversity university. They have students all over the world, but this diversity also caused another big issue. Yaqi Zhang, a Finance major student from China will graduate in May 2009 from St. John’s. She said, “I am very nervous about the possibility of having to leave America if I don’t receive and H-1B [work] visa.”

This is the data from 2007 to our most recent in St. John’s University:   (more…)

Beyond Gate Six: Woodbury’s Thanksgiving

December 1, 2008



This was what happened in Thanksgiving at Woodbury, in front of the Coach. People were waiting outside almost one hour to get in. I am still wondering why people do that becaue the quality of the products?

Stuff we’re loving: The 20 Healthiest Foods for Under $1

November 27, 2008

vegetableSince the economic crisis, the food prices are climbing, so people have begun to look to fast foods and packaged foods for their cheap choice. However, those things are not the only choice because low cost doesn’t have to mean low quality. In fact, some of the most inexpensive things you can buy are the best things for you, which are always under $ 1 each pound. By doing so, not only will your kitchen be stocked with excellent foods, your wallet won’t be empty, and saving your money for better stuff. (more…)

Stuff we’re loving: How to deal with water?

November 26, 2008

feature-water2lg2After every exercise or practice for people, our bodies really stay in condition because of lack of water. However, how to drink water? Is there any benefit to drink water with vitamin-enriched or something else? In fact, none of these products are likely to make you any healthier, scientists said. The only thing you can do is that follow the five major mythic rules below. First, drinking eight glasses of water each day; second, drinking lots of water helps clear our toxins; third, lots of water equals healthier skin; forth, drinking extra water leads to weight loss; fifth, it’s Easy to Get Dehydrated during a Workout. (more…)

Stuff we’re loving: winter & Vitamin D

November 24, 2008

vitamin-d-sourceHey guys, take care of you own body in winter time.

Chronic vitamin D deficiency may be a culprit in heart disease, high blood pressure and metabolic syndrome, a new study showed. In our body, almost all the things need to combine together to work well, so the lack of sunshine during winter may diminish vitamin D levels in the body and harm cardiovascular health. (more…)

STJ Passport: Visit China?

November 23, 2008

chinagreatwall2Have you ever think about visiting China?

A survey organized by the Communication University of China (CUC) in Beijing shows that foreigners like China better after the Beijing Olympics, but still hold negative opinions about some of the Chinese people’s behavior. What’s your opinion?


Student Q+A: Evolution or Religion, which one do you believe?

November 23, 2008

       When this controversial issue comes to Addie Maldonado, who is a student majoring in history at St. John’s University. As a very vocal person, she is always looking for the truth behind the issues.

       So, how did people appear on the earth? When this question came to Addie, she raised another question: “The huge controversy about evolution versus religions is that if you admit to evolution, many people take it as if you are saying that God does not exist and that we are here by random chance. However, in philosophy I learned that one proof of God’s existence is that God is the ‘uncaused cause.’ So if he is the cause of everything, then doesn’t that make him the cause of evolution?” (more…)

Stuff we’re loving: Homemade Mask

November 15, 2008

200811030534131664901288 Nowadays, with the fast life pace, almost all the people prefer to buy ready-made cosmetics instead of do-it-yourself ones. However, no one knows better than yourself what is good for you, so try it, and choose you own brand. Here I listed for of them, and I hope there is one right for you. (more…)

Student Q+A: Transfer between States

November 15, 2008

n27618598_35083188_5429 Her name is Jordan Haskins (right side), freshman at St. John’s University, and a member of St. John’s volleyball team. (more…)

Inside Gate 6: What is teamwork?

November 15, 2008

senior-night-2 The St. John’s volleyball team earned its third-consecutive BIG EAST regular season championship with a marathon 3-2 victory (25-17, 18-25, 16-25, 25-19, 16-4) over Notre Dame Friday night at ND’s Joyce Center. (more…)