St. John’s Survival Guide: 5 Tips to Surviving Finals Week

Today, December 2nd, marks the last official day of classes of the Fall Semester!

Before we all start jumping for joy, we have to remember that we are not home-free yet. There is still that one little issue of FINALS. Yes folks, that dreaded little test at the end of the semester that gauges whether we’ve actually absorbed anything over the past 3 months, as opposed to just acting like a human seat warmer.

The pile-up of projects, papers and cumulative exams is enough to stress anyone out, even the most organized among us. (Ahem, not me.) But fear not! I have five sure-fire tips to get you through FINALS WEEK in one piece:

  1. Don’t Freak Out.

Before you have a panic attack and decide to bash your head in with your overpriced textbooks, just take a deep breath. Relax, taking a final never killed anyone. (Well, maybe in the REAL sense of the word). Stress can only make things worse–if you feel yourself becoming overwhelmed with all the studying, take a break. Go talk with a friend. Drop by the Finals Week Stress Reduction Workshop in the UC Lounge on the 10th. If it gets to be too much, visit the Counseling Center located in Marillac Room 130.

       2.   Find A Study Group. If you find that studying alone can prove to be a difficult task, shoot your fellow classmates an email on St. John’s Central and ask to form study groups. You guys can break up the course material and quiz each other. Who knows, you may even make a few new buddies.

      3. Get Sleep! It may be tempting to cram into the wee hours of the night for an exam, but that only defeats the purpose. As reported in Science Daily, a 2005 Study by the medical journal Neuroscience, found that getting a good night’s sleep boosts memory. So, get those ZZzzz’s.

4.  Strategize. Start off by double-checking the time and date of your exam. Remember, if you miss a final exam you not only have to pay an $80 fee, you will be subjected to a harder exam! Talk with your professors–some are nice enough to give you a heads-up or a review of what’s going to be on the exam. Set aside the most time to study for the hardest or most comprehensive tests, but keep in mind, the timeline of your tests.

And last but not least,

5. HAVE A PARTY! CONGRATS! You’ve made it through FINALS Week. Now you can go and party to your heart’s content. That is, until grades are posted. (Just kidding!) Hope all the hard work pays off!

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