Beyond Gate 6: The dark side of live video

Hopefully web-cam suicides don’t become the new form of school shootings.

With people steadily transitioning to a “connected” lifestyle, and a generation growing up viewing life through a live video stream, the dangers of creating a society where people regularly broadcast their lives to the world have begun to pop up across the world.

Just last week, two men killed themselves as the world watched. In Florida, a 19-year-old college student overdosed on prescription drugs during a web-cam chat session. Some users in the chat room urged the man on, some thought it was a hoax and some discouraged it. It’s the first reported web-cam suicide since Kevin Whitrick of Britain killed himself under similar circumstances last year.

The man’s father and sister blame users’ rants for his death, but some people say the web is not to blame

And just a day later, Mario Ferreyra, a former police chief of Argentina, killed himself on live television during an interview as police arrived to arrest him. He committed acts of kidnapping and torture between 1976 and 1983, and killed himself as a ‘pact of silence’ assuring he wouldn’t snitch on former colleagues who committed crimes during Argentina’s “Dirty War,” where 30,000 innocent lives were lost.
Argentina’s government has since banned the video from being aired on TV, but it can still be found online.

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