Thanksgiving: California Style [UPDATED with pictures]


You know, the funny thing about me saying aloha, it gave the impressions to my fellow bloggers that I was from Hawaii. I like Hawaii, but I’m from California everybody (if nobody’s picked up on that by now). Let’s give you a little look into what goes on here:

The Flight: I hopped on a 9:30am flight from good old JFK and it was… almost empty. I left from St. John’s at 7 and was through security by 7:35. And my cab came late. No joke. And excuse me if I sound like an advertiser here, but if you have the chance, fly Virgin America. I didn’t have anything to do on the flight considering I didn’t have my DVDs with me, but I loaded up on 6 hours worth of mp3s on board and was set throughout the flight. I could have watched some of their movies, but all the ones I would have paid for I had seen. I was also delighted to see that another St. John’s student was on my flight. Always good to meet a fellow Californian that goes to St. John’s.

The Traffic: We’ve all seen New York Traffic, but Los Angeles has its own sort of traffic. The major difference is that California stays in some sort of orderly fashion, as opposed to the hellish cluster New Yorkers place themselves in. LAX (Los Angeles International) wasn’t too packed, but trying to head back to Santa Barbara presented me with something like this:

Pulled off Google Image

Pulled off Google Image

I would have taken a picture of it myself, but I was couped up in the back of my aunt and uncle’s car trying not to die of hunger. I was jonesing for In-n-Out. Unfortunately I was sitting on the 405 Freeway for I don’t even know how long. Luckily I remembered my way around the Westwood area (where UCLA is at) and was able to navigate to an In-n-Out burger.

The Pre-Thanksgiving Food: Almost any Californian will tell you: In-n-Out is amazingly good, and if you say otherwise you’re a jerk. It’s true. Check it out:

 It was amazing. I want some more. Now. But later on in the day, for dinner, me and my family went out to a local restaurant and I ended up in a food-based coma. It was good stuff.

Thanksgiving day: Wednesday was a bit of a cloudy day. Thanksgiving brought a lot more sunshine. Here’s a sample picture:


Now before we head out for an obscene amount of food, I’m watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. It’s nice to see it without having to endure any harsh weather (which has stopped me from being at the parade for the past three years).

Now I’m going to go off and hang around the house. I’ll update later with some pictures, and this weekend will come the Las Vegas experience.

Oh, and by the way, it’s 65 degrees without a cloud in the sky, no humidity, and an ever so slight wind that makes it all perfect. So how’s your weather?


So I’ve eaten a bit too much and had some fantastic desert. Thank you mom! The Titans stomped the Lions, the Cowboys wrangled up the Seahawks, and the Eagles are currently (7pm PST) taking care of Arizona. My 49ers will probably lose this weekend. Here’s some pictures taken from my view in my car. Stupid me didn’t take pictures of the food.

View of the Pacific Ocean.

View of the Pacific Ocean.

First person view for the win

First person view for the win

A little hard to see, but that's northbound traffic on the 101 freeway (major freeway in CA)

Northbound traffic on the 101 freeway

Now I’m going to go pack up for my trip to Las Vegas this weekend. I’ll post again this weekend.

For the record, it’s night here and it’s still pretty warm.


-Alex Quevedo

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