Canadian-Style Thanksgiving: Live Blog

What’s Going on, St. John’s,

First off, Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! I hope wherever you are today, you are enjoying the turkey and pies you’ll be eating today.

Well, I am blogging today from my aunts house on the East Side of Manchester, NH. I figured, since we will all have a different experience today with our families, that today I would keep a running blog of every awkward, stuffing, and alcohol induced moment around the household. That way, you can see how we do it over on the canadian side of the spectrum. So, come along with me on this journey to turkey heaven…
(For the record, if my words get slurred towards the end of this, blame it on the turkey, not the drinks)

3:11: I’m only one deep so far. Just got here and let me tell you, I’m extremely hungry. At least I got a white russian on the way…

3:19: I just got really envious of Alex’s post. it’s like 35 degrees here and windy :-(.

3:27: Is it just me or is this football game out of control right now? At least the Cowboys are on soon. Oh, and someone forgot to make the mashed potatoes. 30 minute delay on food…

3:41: Thank God it’s dinner time! I purposely didn’t eat breakfast just so I could enjoy this moment even more…

4:17: You ever have one of those days when you just feel like a million dollars? Yeah, after all that food I just ate, i feel the exact opposite of that. I need a beer!

4:22: I’ve got $20 on Matt Hasselbeck as the mid-game MVP. Any Takers?

4:35: You know the rest of the family is getting tipsy when more dishes end up on the floor than in the sink…

4:42: My 6 day late birthday cake= A 4 in. by 4 in. Carvel cake, a candle (shaped like the letter N) without a wick, and me blowing out the flame of a lighter. Can’t make that one up…

6:06: Love how my uncle took me away from the thanksgiving festivities to bring me to a bar. As if there wasn’t enough alcohol in the house. Getting ready to head back to the West Side…

6:30: Still wondering when Matt Hasselbeck is going to get it going…

8:45: Two hours later, the family decides to come over here and play cards. I decide to keep drinking and play Nintendo Wii with my cousin…

9:03 Watching a bunch of canadians drinking and playing cards is better than watching the football that has been on today. That’s pathetic…

10:50 I’m pretty much dead. I’m about to crash in my massive bed and sleep away while frenchies chill in my kitchen.

I hope all of you enjoyed my journey today from turkey to touchdowns. But for now, I’m sleepin and wakin up tomorrow to do some meaningless shopping.

~Matt Goulet


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