Life Back Home: New Hampshire or Bust

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It has been a while since I have been at the blog (hope you missed me). Since I’ve been away, I have left the hectic life in the big city and my small dorm room and have now settled in a much larger bedroom within the little city of Manchester, NH. Since its been a while, I figured I would give you a little insight of what it is like to be back home in Manch-Vegas and show you all how life is in New England.

The time of relaxation has been more than incredible. I mean, my life has been filled with tireless homework assignments over the past few months, and it was more satisfying to know I was coming home for the holiday season. The city of about 100,000 is all but ready for the days to come, as sights of turkey shoots, over-sized, light-up snow flakes hanging from lamp post on Elm Street, and a random run-in with Adam Sandler at the grocery store.

I must also say, life away from Montgoris has been more than satisfying! My stomach has said thank you plenty of times this week. Especially when I went to my favorite canadian-based restaurant, Chez Vachon.

Oh, and I turned 21 in the process. Which ended somewhat like this

During my off time, I have found plenty of post that I will be dropping almost every day, including an all day, live blog of my canuck-like thanksgiving. Through all the food and all the drinks, I will keep you informed on how my family celebrates the day off.

So, stay tuned…

~Matt Goulet

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One Response to “Life Back Home: New Hampshire or Bust”

  1. sjuonlinenews Says:

    Sounds awesome man, hope you had some good poutine and Labatt Blue


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