Student Q+A: Evolution or Religion, which one do you believe?

       When this controversial issue comes to Addie Maldonado, who is a student majoring in history at St. John’s University. As a very vocal person, she is always looking for the truth behind the issues.

       So, how did people appear on the earth? When this question came to Addie, she raised another question: “The huge controversy about evolution versus religions is that if you admit to evolution, many people take it as if you are saying that God does not exist and that we are here by random chance. However, in philosophy I learned that one proof of God’s existence is that God is the ‘uncaused cause.’ So if he is the cause of everything, then doesn’t that make him the cause of evolution?”

       However, on the other hand, Addie argued, “Even in the bible, there is room for evolution. In Genesis, Adam and Eve get cast out of the garden after the Fall, and they are afraid of the other people. What other people? Where? Who? It doesn’t make any sense, unless evolution was a creation by God at another time that might have not been recorded in the Bible. I mean, how do you explain dinosaurs? Furthermore, when Cain kills Abel (They were the first and second sons of Adam and Eve), Cain is afraid that the other people might do something to him, so God puts a mark on his head to protect him. If these are the first people ever created, who are the other people? God created the earth and everything on it, so evolution I credit to God. People want to create separations where they aren’t necessary.”

       “Why not both? I believe they can co-exist, and the evolution can be a part of Religion,” Addie responded.

       She continued to add more evidence, such as we all know that the dinosaurs happened long time ago, but somehow they are not recorded in the Bible. “Why? Just because it is not in the Bible doesn’t mean that it didn’t happen. There are a lot of things that were missed or lost and not in the Bible. Maybe there was a scripture on dinosaurs that we do not know of. All I know is that God created the world in seven days and saw that it was good. Nothing on this earth is bad because God never said it was bad. So, evolution could be the natural process of Life or even God. People want to make a difference in something that does not matter. There is room for both to exist. Man was created by God, some evolved and others were created from dirt. Furthermore, I believe that evolution makes more sense than God creating a man out of dirt and a woman out of a rib. However, I know within myself that God is all powerful and mighty and He could have done it,” Addie asserted.

       Evolution and religion are compatible, and what if evolution is God’s tool? Depends on recent research, many scientists and theologians maintain that it would be perfectly logical to think that a divine being used evolution as a method to create the world. There is, of course, no way to prove religious faith scientifically. And it’s hard to envision a test that could tell the difference between a universe created by God and one that appeared without God.

Addie concludes, “Religion without evolution is lame and evolution without religion is blind.”



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3 Responses to “Student Q+A: Evolution or Religion, which one do you believe?”

  1. jonolan Says:

    Evolution and Science in general address the “How.” Religion addresses the “Why.” Like you, I see no – or at least little – intrinsic conflict.

  2. Jorg Says:

    All good and fine, except for the fact that the “uncaused cause” is not a proof of anything, but a simple assertion. If one assumes that an “uncaused cause” is possible in the first place, Occam/s razor would seem to demand that we attribute this quality to the Universe itself, avoiding a multiplication of explanatory levels.

  3. sjuonlinenews Says:

    An interesting point; but Occam’s Razor is, perhaps, the single most misunderstood principle in science. The Razor has no affirmative value; something cannot be disproved by violating it. The reason it’s called a ‘razor’ and not a ‘theory’ is because it’s simply a convention, like how screws loosen by turning to the left, and tighten when turned to the right. Occam’s Razor can’t really “demand” anything, really, because it isn’t prove in an of itself; saying it would is basically saying that, since we’ve decided that this can exist in the scope of one question, the answers to all other questions must be revised, because it would be simpler. That’s what Occam’s Razor is, essentially, a preferrence for the simplest possible solution.
    – Fernando Arrue

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