Science: Green Developments


Wind turbines could be one future for the next generation of green technology. -
Wind turbines could be one future for the next generation of green technology. –

From new wind turbines, to solar panels that could pave the way for life on Mars, engineers and scientists have been as busy as you’ve hopefully been, studying for your finals.

New wind power technology, Exro Technologies, Inc, has been hard at work, trying to pave the way for a new type of wind generator capable of directly transferring wind power to electricity, resulting in a more stable, more efficient wind-power generator.  And it’s cheaper too.

This could be great news for Mr. T. Boone Pickens, originator of the Pickens Plan for our reduced dependance on foreign oil.  His recent delay of a massive wind facility in northern Texas had a lot to do with wind energy’s inefficiency.

Even the geeks at NASA are tinkering with the next wave of green energy; and their looking at the red planet as a possible place to apply it.  Various companies have been working on improving solar cells in various ways, like Nanosolar, a company based in California and Germany boasting that it can create panels 100 times thinner, 100 times as quickly than their contemporaries.  There’s also BrightSource Energy, also based in Cali, which, with it’s Israeli subsidiary, LUZ II, unveiled a new field of solar panels in Israel last June to test new developments they plan to implement in a far more expansive California facility.  Details on the plant are scarce, but a September 23 article by the New York Times about BrightSource’s CEO, Arnold Goldson, sheds a bit of light, pardon the pun, on the company’s proposed ventures.

– Fernando Arrue

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