St. John’s Survival Guide: Anti-Cold Movement


I really wanted to start this post off saying “It’s been a long time since I rapped at you,” but instead I come to you with frozen fingers and dreams of going home to California. If any of St. John’s kids are like me, you come from an area full of sunshine, beaches and variations of t-shirt/shorts/flip-flop combinations. Unfortunately, now is the time when winter is starting to come into its own and baby, it’s cold outside.

So this being my fourth and (I hope) final New York winter, I’ve compiled a way to beat the cold and stay warm this winter. I could have used this coming into St. John’s, with my pathetic hoody. Hopefully the list will keep you as warm as this person looks:



Snowboard Jacket: Some think that you may just be able to skate by with a doubled-up hoodies, or a scarf and a peacoat. Unfortunately that doesn’t always work, so you might want to look into something of a snowboarding nature. Snowboard style jackets are a great choice if you are looking for something durable, comfortable and not over-done. Granted, some can look outrageous, but if you shop around, you can find some sleek-looking jackets. Now, I know what you may be thinking: they’re expensive. Yeah, they are, but if you want to stay warm you have to make some sacrifices. Luckily for me, nobody in California needs jackets like this on a consistent basis, so I was able to buy an Element brand jacket for a mere $40 (original price was most likely close to $200). Here are a few useful links to find a solid jacket: Dogfunk, Zumiez, Amazon

Gloves: As I said, I have frozen fingers right now and I’m probably sprinting towards an early on-set of arthritis (cold+years of video games+time spent on computer= fail). So as I type on, I suggest getting a pair of beefed up gloves to avoid any damages. Sophomore year, I knew of a person who got minor frost bite walking from the Residence Halls into class. That isn’t any fun. North Face is known to have some quality gloves, and I just bought a pair of Volcom gloves that have been doing the trick. You can find North Face gloves here, but be wary: they can cost you between $20-$150. Yikes. The Volcom gloves will run you up about $35, but they look sleek:

Via ProBoardShop

Via ProBoardShop

Foot/Toe Warmers: Oh Modell’s, you are life savers. I’m sure other companies carry these items, but I recently saw foot and toe warmers at Modell’s last weekend and I was glad to see these in existence. There’s even a hand warmer thrown in on the search results. You can find their stock here, but if you Google around I’m sure you can find some elsewhere.

Vacation: Yes, a vacation will keep you warm. Over the upcoming winter break, if you are looking to do some last-minute travelling, try heading to some place where the sun is waiting for you. Just take a look at my hometown of Santa Barbara:


Now that I’ve made myself slightly homesick, feel free to leave your thoughts in the Comments section to let us know what works best for you. Stay warm everybody.

-Alex Quevedo

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