The Angry Johnnie Revisited: Library Facilities reopen

When I came back to school in August, to my chagrin, my favorite spot on campus, St. Augustine Hall (ok, the library) was closed for business. Where was I hang to out? Study? Spend time between classes…Sleep?!

Image of St. Augustine Hall

Image of St. Augustine Hall

I clearly stated my dissatisfaction here. The anticipated wait until Mid-October seemed an eternity. Well, the wait is finally over–let’s see how the brand spanking-new library stacks up.

The second level is still not open, however the third and fourth levels are available for student use.

The entire space has been revamped to reveal more wide open space. In the old library, at times it would seems as if you had to turn sideways to walk the corridors due to the number of desks.

Now, the dozens of workspaces have been chiseled down to just a couple of dozen, with some comfy couches thrown in for good measure. On the downside, study spaces fill up quickly.

The new St. Augustine Hall

The new St. Augustine Hall

Study and meeting rooms are still available for private use, and more have been added on the upper floors. The central computer lab has been moved from the middle of the third floor to the left side of the floor and is now unfortunately half the size it used to be.

The bathrooms have all been remodeled as well, and the perpetually out-of-order stall in the women’s bathroom on the third floor is now back in business!

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