Late Night Snacks Pt. 1, After Hours at Monty’s

Bonjour St. John’s,after-hours-intro-flyer1

For some awkward reason, our school has finally realized i get hungry after 10 P.M. and that I am way too lazy to make anything on my own. I saw the poster to the left about a week ago and was kind of intrigued by it. I mean, this is really the first time I would be excited to step within the confines of Montgoris, and maybe the last time. In the first part of my review of late night snacks available for St. John’s  student, I take my first trip in the series into the Hungry Johnnie to make my purchase at the newly-installed After Hours at Montgoris…

The process was simple. All I had to do was walk from my O’Connor Hall dorm room and take around 124 steps (as close of an estimate as i could make) to the back entrance of Monty’s, also known to most of us as the C-Store. I got myself a Coca-Cola Classic and headed to the register, where I would need to place my order for the late night treats. The menu, though small, is also located here. The choices are as such: A few different “Big Smash” burgers, the usual Monty’s pizza in personal pan form or slices, wings, tenders, and two types of fries.

Being a big wing fan, and i like ’em hot, so decided to go with the 12 piece hottie selection and an order of their disco fries, waffle fries with mozzarella and jalapenos. Good price (I think it came up to like 8 bucks with the Coke) and quick service. All i needed to do was go the grill within Monty’s, let them know what i purchased, and waited maybe 5 minutes to get my meal.

Got back to my room (got back for the second half of Monday Night Football) and began to dig in.

The wings, in my mind, were surprisingly good. They were pretty hot, but had a great tanginess to them and were full of flavor. Not only that, but the meat was actually cooked properly, maybe a first for the wings in Monty’s. But let me assure you, they were nothing like normal Monty wings. These were much better. Will recommend to anyone on campus.

The “disco” fries were also not too bad. I’m not big on waffle fries (unless they come with a chicken sandwich and a Dr. Pepper, bitch!) so i can’t judge too much. The mozzarella was presented decently and actually took away from the flavor of potato, but the jalapeno really made up for it. I think it was a different combo for fries, and actually kinda worked. Maybe a different cheese would make them all around better.

The Coca-Cola Classic was perfect! I don’t know how they could have done that so perfectly! Unbelievable (sarcasm set in, it’s late).

All in all, it was a good treat for the late night. It surpassed my expectations and would recommend it to anyone looking for something other than those TGI Friday wings offered in the C-Store.

Overall Grade: B

(please return later this weekend, as part 2 of this segment will test the new “Munchies Menu”)

~Matt Goulet

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