St. John’s and the City, Nov 7-9

What’s going on, loyal Johnnies,

Trust me, this post is not as bad as it looks!

Trust me, this post is not as bad as it looks!

First off, I would like to congratulate our new president- elect Barack Obama. As a John McCain supporter, I will say that Tuesday did not turn out the way I wanted, but I am willing to accept defeat and give credit where credit is due. This is a meaningful event for many people reading this right now, and I hope that this moment will rest in your mind as something you will never forget.

So, since this is a celebratory weekend, why not go into the city and live it up? Even better, why not do it at a cheaper price than everyone else? Welp, here is your (cheap) ticket to the movies.

And no, this isn’t a movie review, or even a group trip to the theater. This is just an awakening to something we have on this campus that not too many people know about.

Five dollars
and a walk to the library is all it takes to get yourself into one of the premiere theaters in downtown Manhattan.

The AMC Empire 25
is one of the largest theaters in New York and host to many premiers and events throughout the year. It can also be host to your booty this weekend. All you need to do is go to the desk next to the turnstile, present your five dollars, and they will give you a voucher to go to the theater and enjoy a film of your choice.

Now you may be asking “But Matt, what movie do I want to watch?” Well, here is my attempt at an answer.

There are plenty of new movies that can be seen at the AMC this weekend. For the students looking for a family fun movie, why not try Madagascar, Escape 2 Africa, staring Chris Rock and Sasha Baron Cohen (very nice!) amongst others. Maybe an immature comedy is something that tickles your fancy. Why not try Kevin Smith’snew film, Zach and Miri Make a Porno (no description needed) staring Seth Rogan and Elizabeth Banks. And, for you crazy people who like fear, why not go see Saw V, the latest installment of fear.

Here is a full list of movies and times for you to choose from.

Well, I’ll be there this weekend going to see Zach and Miri, because I think it is the only way I can openly tell my parents I am going to see the making of a porno. Plus, Seth Rogan is funny as hell! Here is some proof…

~Matt Goulet

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