STJ Passport: Obama’s support in China

changeDelight at Barack Obama’s victory reached China yesterday – and even spilled over into the state media.

I list some people’s opinions below:

1.        A reporter in the China Daily newspaper, “Like American people on the other side of the Pacific, we are elated, too, at the landslide win of Democrat Barack Obama.

2.        A director at the China National Association for International Studies, “His election and his leftist economic policy that ‘robs the rich to give to the poor’ has drawn more attention of American young people to politics. That’s a really good thing.” Also, he described Obama as the “triple-A” president.

3.        A waiter in Beijing’s financial district, “He is American, with strong connections to Africa, and also Asia through his stepfather and having spent time in Indonesia. A person’s worldview is shaped by his own personal background as well as his education and work experiences,”

Furthermore, many expressed surprise at the election of the first African-American president, but they still hold the opinion that “It is a good thing, which shows racial discrimination has become less important.

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