St John’s goes ballistic after Obama Wins It

I have never in my time here at St. Johns seen the student body react in such a way as it did the minutes following the announcement of Barack Obama as President of the United States. 

Here are some pictures from the rowdy crouds in the Resident Village and in the Great Lawn


If you have more picture or videos of this historic event email them to

Jose Silva

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3 Responses to “St John’s goes ballistic after Obama Wins It”

  1. sjuonlinenews Says:

    As I watched from the RA Office in Carey Hall, I was displeased with the reaction. There is excitement, and then there is, as you said, rowdiness. With what was being yelled by many of the students, it was clear too many may have voted for Obama for the wrong reasons. Most of the students out there made themselves look like fools.

    -Alex Q.

  2. Mario Vergara Says:

    I completely disagree, I think a lot of people voted for Obama for symbolic reasons instead of for his policies. His election represents a complete about-face in American politics and a new era in American history. I’m drafting a letter right now to my grandchildren telling them that I was there when Obama was elected.



  3. Alex Q. Says:

    I’m not saying that everybody that voted for him did it for the wrong reasons. Just a bit too many.

    And yeah, this is a new era in terms of how far the country has come, but in terms of this change he’s been talking about? Meh.

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