Election 2008: Election day/night ideas

With the day off from school and one of the most historic elections taking place, you should try to find a way to enjoy the day in memorable fashion. If you don’t know what to do, here are some links that will help find where to celebrate.

About.com’s top picks for election night parties in NYC features everything from comedy shows to open bars.

Metromix has a list of places to watch the election in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens.

Timeout New York highlights both Republican and Democrat party spots for the night. They even have list of things to do the the day after the election for every type of voter.

Here are events like live-blogging and MTV parties.

This NYTimes article has election night events from Wasilla to Washington.

The Apiary has a list that includes Indecision 2008 hosted by Stephen Colbert and John Stewart in Times Square.

Racked.com tells of a party in the West Village, and one in Williamsburg.

Brooklynvegan lists several things to do around the city on election night.

Here’s a list of election night parties in Brooklyn.

Murphguide.com lists a few bars around the city.

Here are some places in Harlem, and more suggestions if you’re uptown.

Livingliberally.org has a few NYC spots to watch coverage.

Starbucks is giving away free coffee to all voters, and it’s likely that many bars will be showing election coverage as if it were the Superbowl.

Here’s a list of more freebies on election day (Ben & Jerry’s, Krispy Kreme).

You can always browse your Facebook events to find local parties, thow your own celebration, get together with a few friends, or just watch it on CNN.

Oh yea…hundreds of places throughout the city are also holding polling stations so you can go out and vote any time between 6 a.m. and 9 p.m.

If you know of any other interesting things going on today, feel free to let us know.

Have fun!!

-Jonnathan Coleman

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