Angry Johnnie: Perhaps just a little irked


With election day rapidly approaching, I happened to stumble across this interesting post from a blog called Earth to Bella. Searching for the Incubus song of the same title just for song, I came across this post. This is the picture posted in there:

Pic from Earth to Bella
Pic from Earth to Bella

The picture comes from Post Secret. For those unfamiliar with the site, it is a community art project made up of anonymous postcards sent in from various people. Frank Warren, founder of the site, posts select cards every Sunday. The point is to let people tell their secrets without fear of being exposed, just so they can let it off of their chest.

But this secret may be a little extreme. Despite how you may feel about California’s Proposition 8, which deals with eliminating gay marriage, one should see this as wrong. Not only because is it incredibly illegal, but because everybody’s vote should count.

So many people, up until now, already have the feeling that their vote is useless. If people see that this No On 8  supporter (if not more people) is confiscating their vote, that might be the ultimate spirit killer. Now, this could also be happening on the other side. Some supporters of Yes on 8 (Yes eliminates gay marriage) could very well be doing the same thing. Still, it doesn’t make it right.

I hope this person keeps that secret highly guarded. Or they better hope somebody doesn’t come knocking on their door. What are your thoughts on this? For more information on California’s Proposition 8, click on the Proposition 8 above.

-Alex Quevedo

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