New York Post – Obama in 2012

The New York Post crafted this interesting article to accompany the picture above read it here.

– Jose Silva

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2 Responses to “New York Post – Obama in 2012”

  1. Gregory Leporati Says:

    Today, I lost any little respect I may have still had for the New York Post. This series of articles is comical, and a mockery of journalism. This has nothing to do with the fact that I disagree with their political opinions; the very notion of running these exercises in creative writing as main stories is just plain absurd. I’d be just as disgusted if it were pro-Obama propaganda.

    Remember that post in which Alex claimed a newspaper should not endorse a candidate, and I said that the opinion is important so long as it does not interfere with the reporting? Well, here is a solid example of a newspaper letting its bias get the best of it. It’s pathetic, really, and I hope you all agree. Any self-respecting journalism student, I would imagine, would feel the same.

  2. sjuonlinenews Says:

    Yeah, this is a load. I’d rather see this on the front page of The Onion. At least I know it would be funny. But not to sound like I’m giving them a pass, but really, this IS the Post.

    I don’t know if the article gets any worse. I only trudged through the first few paragraphs. With you on this one, Greg.

    -Alex Q.

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