Fact or fiction: Blood gang initiation

Supposedly the infamous blood gang holds annual initiation rituals every Halloween weekend. They have to kill a certain amount of women, or drive around with their headlights off, wait until somebody gives them a courtesy flash (as in, put your headlights on), and then chase them down and kill all members in the car.

Some say it is nothing more than an urban legend, and others warn people to be safe when they go out this weekend. You can read all the message boards on the internet and interpret it however you want. People say that memos have went out to mayors and police officers throughout the city warning of the danger, and internet users have accounted past experiences they had with the situation.

Wether they’re telling the truth, only they know, but I can say that no one from St. John’s has been killed over Halloween weekend during my four years here. I called several precincts and got varied responses from all of them. Two precincts in Queens said that they have gotten tips about the rituals and are on the look out. They get tips every year, and they say every year nothing has happened that they can confirm was gang related.

An officer at the 25th precinct in Harlem told me that the rumors are true, and she’s going to go home and stay inside this weekend. An officer at the 31st precinct in Harlem told me that he hasn’t recieved any memo about the incident, but has heard about the rumors. And an 14th precinct officer said that the NYPD was aware of the tips and will be on the look out for any type of violent behavior.

-Jonnathan Coleman

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