Phillies Win World Series

The Phillies are World Series Champs for the first time in 28 years.

Hey St. Johnners,

After two days of cold rain (and a little bit of snow) delays, the Philadelphia Phillies and Tampa Bay Rays came out tonight to play the last 3 1/2 innings of their game 5 match-up in Philadelphia. For Phillies fan, it was worth the wait.

After trading runs in the bottom of the 6th and the top of the 7th, Pedro Felix hit a single to send Eric Bruntlett home and give the Phillies the lead. It was more than enough, as Brad Lidge came in to close out the game in the ninth to give the Phillies their first World Series title since 1980 and to give the city of Philly their first world championship in any major sport since 1983.

The win finishes off one of the lowest rated World Series in recent memory, largely due to the rain delays. After the Rays tied the game at 2 on Sunday night, the rain came. Major League commissioner Bud Selig then announced the game would be suspended to Monday. The weather would continue into Monday and cause for the second suspension in as many days.

Tonight’s game marks the end of a Major League season filled with plenty of unforgettable moments and record-braking memories. Come back on Sunday for a year in review of the MLB

~Matt Goulet

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2 Responses to “Phillies Win World Series”

  1. News Fan Says:

    I’m just not quite sure what this has to do with St. John’s. When I think of your catch phrase – “St. John’s news you’ve wanted, but never had. Until now” – this is not what comes to mind.

    Maybe you could have interviewed students on campus from Philadelphia and gotten some reaction?

  2. sjuonlinenews Says:

    Dear News Fan,

    Thanks for your comment and reading the blog. Even negative comments are accepted here, and can only help us grow.

    To respond, I will agree that this has no relevance to St. John’s University directly, but it may indirectly. This was posted just a hour after the Phillies had won the title and we would like to think that we have a solid reading core here on campus. Being this is the World Series, it is a major event in the news, and this article was posted to hopefully inform our readers of something that happen “Beyond Gate 6”, and,again I would like to believe, i reached out to someone who is either a Phillies fan or someone from the Philadelphia area who may have missed the game, since not too many people knew if the game was even being played.

    But you are right, an interview or two would have been nice but, again, this was posted right after the win, and not too many students would be open for an interview at that late of an hour and during midterm week.

    I apologize if this post turns you away from our blog, but if not, I hope you continue to read what us students have to say

    ~Matt Goulet

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