A letter from The Torch


Earlier this week a Flashlight blogger posted his opinion on The Torch endorsing Senator Barack Obama.In order to instill fairness in our blog we decided to post this letter sent to us from the editor in chief of The Torch. 

Read the original article here.

Greetings flashlight!

I think ‘angrier johnny’ is a bit hasty in bashing this article. After speaking with Alex more about this, I can understand that he is not bashing the torch at the end of this article, but rather suggesting that the paper is ‘not respected enough’ around campus – which is perhaps a very valid statement.

In regards to his opinion, I completely respect it – though I think it should be clarified further. At first read, I got the impression that Alex was suggesting an opinion section of a newspaper should be more objective – which, by its very nature, does not seem to make sense. Additionally, if a newspaper should never show any opinion, then why stop with ending endorsements? Logically extending Alex’s argument would mean ending all editorials from newspapers, which I think is not the right thing to do.

Though, I believe Alex has a good point – I think that perhaps presidential candidate endorsements could be too polarizing a topic for newspapers. It could alienate a significant portion of readers. So, while it is fine for newspapers to run editorials about legislation, local events, etc., it may be an unwise move to endorse a candidate simply because of the divisiveness of the issue.

Thinking of it that way, I can see where Alex’s opinion holds water. However, it is not my opinion; the Torch decided to endorse Barack Obama for a number of reasons – one, I believe it is an opinion we all wished to express. Two, I feel that students and faculty do respect the Torch enough to care about our opinion (at least I hope!). And finally, the Torch has historically endorsed candidates of both parties, so we felt no need to end that tradition, especially an election as talked about and important as this one.

I don’t believe any editorial statement regarding the candidates will hurt our coverage of the election – especially since our news has a pretty strict campus angle. All of our political coverage has linked back to the students and to how the campus feels about events more than anything, so the reporting has been objective and fair so far.

Interesting post, and I look forward to reading more on the Flashlight. But no need to hate on Alex’s opinion – it’s certainly an interesting topic, and one worth some discussion.


– Jose Silva

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