News Alert: School Shooting in Arkansas

Two people have been killed and one person injured in a school shooting at the University of Central Arkansas.  Four people are suspected for involvement with the incident; one has been apprehended.  The full story is available here.

For some context, this is the sixth school shooting of 2008; five American, one Finnish, according to  An interesting note is that the four earlier domestic shootings occured within a one week period last February.

In eerie irony, UCA assistant professor Dr. Bruce Hutchinson premiered a short film called “Abbey and Everything After”, which details a single mother coping with the after-effects of a school shooting.  According to the film’s director, the film is fictionalized, but inspired by the events of Columbine; it debutted at the UCA campus theatre on October 1st.  The short movie was filmed and set in Conway

– Fernando Arrue

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