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      When I was thirteen years old, my mom had a very bad health condition. She constantly fell down, almost, everywhere, and I would receive a lot of phone calls from different hospitals. The results from the doctors were that she had lack of oxygen in her brain. However, the doctors said that there was nothing they could do. I was so upset and felt that I didn’t have hope anymore. Fortunately, I heard from one of my friends that changing her diet may help my mom. Since there was nothing else I could do, that was our last chance, so I decided to take some nutrition classes. After half year, I think I was capable to set a food list each day for my mom, so I began to try and change her diet to improve her health condition. It was not that easy as people imagine, but we had to overcome the monster, and we did.

    After a few years, my mom was getting better, she only fell down occasionally. Now, she looks very energetic, and never collapses again. She used to eat a lot of meat each day, just like American people. Smith Susan Male writes: “The animal-to-plant ratio of the average American diet is 2:1 now. Comparing to 1900 or our ancestors, we enhance a lot of the consumption of meat.” Nowadays, she only eats food that benefits to her health, like protein, vegetable, beans, nuts and so on. Moreover, she lost fifteen pounds since she began to change her diet.

    In the modern world, when we get all the material and necessary things we want out of life, we are more and more aware about our health. Instead of thinking what I am going to eat, we begin to think what kind of food should I eat? Since we all have free choice, so we really should think about what’s good for us?

        An experiment of Smith Susan Male shows that “in a six-month comparison of a high-protein vegan diet to a low-fat control diet in 50 overweight people with high lipid levels, both groups lost weight, and the low-fat group maintained their weight loss. But the high-protein vegan group continued to lose weight after the study.” When people see this result, they are probably going to ask why. Basically, this kind of losing weight is only losing fat, not muscle, called high protein weight reduction diet. I remember that I read a journal called Natural established at 2002 that writes the protein has an element, named peptide YY, which can control people’s appetite and restrain the absorbance of fat. However, we also need to keep the balance between carbohydrates and proteins because without carbohydrates our brains are not going to work properly. Finally, Smith, Susan Male also said: “The health benefits of eating Vegetarian aren’t just from direct effects on your body, but also from indirect effects of the environmental inside of your body. I think most of people know that eat as vegetarian is a very healthy way, but the trouble is that not everyone want to give up the steak and hamburger. As a result, a true American vegetarian is only under 3%. In addition, eat more protein can control your weight and you will benefit from it forever.”

         Besides the diet, we still have to pay attention on exercise, diet plus exercise can help people stay in shape. Tweed Vera writes: “Men who keep themselves in a good shape have an excellent chance of staying that way for many years to come. Furthermore, people who in good shape can keep away from some diseases, such as heart attack, diabetes, obesity, hypertension and so forth. Among all kinds of disease, diabetes is the most directly disease links to diet because this kind of people has to control the intake of sugar. Sometimes, some diabetes patients prefer to cater to their appetite, so they just eat whatever they want, and then take some pills. That is very harmful to their body. As a result, they always complain about eating food is like drinking water; there is no taste in the foods for diabetes patient. Furthermore, Nanci Hellmich supplies: “Different people have different cases. Especially for these diabetes patients, they have to spend more wisely on foods such as vegetables and fruits that are rich in fiber, vitamins and other nutrients than on candy, cake, cookies and other highly processed foods.

    After every exercise or practice for people, our bodies really stay in condition because of lack of water. However, how to drink water? Is there any benefit to drink water with vitamin-enriched or something else? In fact, none of these products are likely to make you any healthier. Felts Susannah writes: “The only thing you can do is that follow the five major mythic rules below. First, drinking eight glasses of water each day; second, drinking lots of water helps clear our toxins; third, lots of water equals healthier skin; forth, drinking extra water leads to weight loss; fifth, it’s Easy to Get Dehydrated During a Workout.

    Those rules are not going to hurt people; they help people a lot because our body is already 60 percent of water. The water can filter you organ, like kidney, gum and so on. In addition, when people wake up from a whole night sleep, the first thing is going to grab a glass of water, and drink it all. That is what I am doing every morning time because that really can help people to clean their digest, and make them more conscious.

    Recently, people raised another debatable topic is that “Should we eat at restaurant instead of eat at home?” For me, I am more careful about the health and nutrition part. Some restaurant add the nutrition information on their menu, which says low in saturated fat, trans fat and cholesterol. That’s good news for your health because a diet high in saturated, trans fats and cholesterol raises blood cholesterol. Since I mentioned above, high blood cholesterol is a major risk factor for heart disease, and it’s also a risk factor for stroke. However, on the other hand, if people eat at home, they can be sure they are buying the freshest and cleanest meats and vegetables. Comparing to the restaurant, people probably think it’s more important to buy the cheapest food, and in the restaurant, they care more about the taste of every dish, so they always add more oil and fat in it. That is very unhealthy.

    Wherever or whatever people eat, they have to think smart to control what they eat, and what they drink. We all need to think about that. Let’s start from our mouth, and end it at health.


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