What We’re Loving this Week: The China Man Bus!!

I’ve been doing a lot of traveling recenlty… mostly up and down the east coast, nothing too drastic but lets face it travelling gets expensive and times are hard! Well i’ve found a pretty suitable way to get around without breaking my pockets… THE CHINA MAN BUS!! It leaves from China Town (mostly down by Allen St.) The tickets are literally dirt cheap and go to virtually anywhere on the east coast… i.e. Virginia, Baltimore and Nashville. There’s even a ticket available for travel to Atlanta if you’re willing to sit on a bus for 14 hours.


Of course there is one slight catch. You might just end up sitting next to a rather large person who happens to smell like week old easy mac and snores. But aye at least the ticket was only 20 bucks! 

All kinds of people have passed through the doors of the Apex Bus office and they have ever so graciously shared their stories of love, gang violence, and hometown shoutouts. Take a look…

– Rachel S.

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One Response to “What We’re Loving this Week: The China Man Bus!!”

  1. kim Dykes Says:

    Do your bus leave from Richmond Vinigina on tuesday 20th of january.

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