Outside Gate 6: Bugs at McDs?!


my favorite sammich

my favorite sammich


There is no feeling worse than walking into a restaurant and the first thing you hear is the buzz of a bugs wings whizzing past your ear. It may be the most disturbing feeling ever… right behind having to sit right next to the bathroom door where every awkward silence is filled by the flushing of the toilet! (That my friend, sucks) But still and all we venture into these little mom and pop shops because they have the best pizza or the best Philly cheese steak, never really taking into consideration what may be lurking behind the corner. 

i could only catch one of them on camera!

i could only catch one of them on camera!

Well I have certainly learned my lesson and it didn’t take a hole in the wall restaurant to teach me! I frequent the McDonald’s in Queens Center Mall pretty much every time I go there. I’m absolutely obsessed with Ranch BLT so its just a give in that if its there I have to have it. But anywho during my last visit to the home of the golden arches I came across some rather peculiar creatures. Just below my feet I realized that there were at least a dozen little beetles just walking around like they owned the place!! I kept my cool, didn’t make a scene, and politely informed the young lady in front of me of the beetle motel she was standing in!

It was absolutely gross BUT I still ordered my sandwich! Yes, I know… what a fiend! But just as a heads up, check your Big Mac for beetles before you devour it!


– Rachel S.

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