Through the turnstile: Visitation policy

The visitation policy is a little strict, but as any administrator will tell you, we’re in New York City, and it’s an effort to keep a safe campus. That’s reasonable, but with all the cameras and surveillance around, I don’t know why St. John’s students who live off campus are only allowed to visit during certain hours, and why on-campus residents can’t freely visit friends in other dorm buildings. I think it’s pretty stupid, but students have managed their way around it. I can’t sit here and promote ways on how to break the rules, but what I can do is tell you what not to do when trying to see your girlfriend who lives in another building.

1. Don’t try to distract the guard at the front desk. If you gather in the lobby and try to discuss a “plan” to get by, you’ve already been targeted as a little suspicious. Randomly talking to the guy at the front desk about everything from weather to sports while your friend tries to sneak through the gate is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. Some people actually designate a “pretty girl” who they think will easily distract the guard. It’s simple – you’ve seen too many spy movies.

2. Don’t use just any stormcard. At least try to get a stormcard that resembles you as closely as possible. I’ve seen a girl as black as this font color try to use the stormcard of a girl as white as this background. It just didn’t work.

3. Don’t put a person in a suitcase. You may not even have thought about this, but I’ve seen it before. Some guy planned to simply roll his girlfriend through the turnstile when he swiped in. It would have worked if the line of people wasn’t so long that his girlfriend demanded to be let out. She just got out of the suitcase in the middle of lobby, and they walked away. I applaud the effort and the girlfriend’s dedication, but it just didn’t work either.

Be smart.

-Jonnathan Coleman

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One Response to “Through the turnstile: Visitation policy”

  1. sjuonlinenews Says:

    That last example made my night.
    -Alex Q.

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