Beyond Gate Six: Economic Update


Ben Bernanke sees only digits

Ben Bernanke sees only digits.

Apparently, Ben Bernanke is Neyo.  After a speech today, the Fed Chairman told Americans that the US has already dodged two bullets in the economic crisis; keeping the money supply low and allowing the markets to collapse.  By avoiding these two errors, we’re in better shape to avoid a “Great Depression 2”-type scenario, according to Chairman Bernanke.
Bernanke wasn’t entirely positive however,

there’s still, at the least, a period of sluggish growth ahead of us, and the Chairman expressed concerns over diminishing competition between banks, and stated that the government might have to begin interfering with “asset bubbles” it has previously avoided.  These new ‘bullets’ could prove trickier to dodge, requiring a new level of activity from government regulatory agencies.

So we’re not out of the woods yet, but there is more good news; as the fed seeks to duck and roll around challenges in bullet-time, so can you!

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