Student Q&A: Karissa Lopez

 Karissa Lopez

Flashlight: You transferred into St. John’s as a junior… what’s been your favorite part about campus life so far?

      Karissa: What I like most about St. John’s is how diverse it is. Meeting thesenew people from different          cultures made me love St. John’s even more. 

Flashlight: What’s one place you’ve been to, since your time at st. john’s, do you think every student should visit at least once?

      Karissa: On campus it’d be Taffner. The activites they have in there are great for excercise, and the              weight room has everything you need to get a good work out in. And of campus Ground Zero because it        shows a big part of our history, and you can show your respect to all the people that we lost

Flashlight: What’s one thing you couldn’t live wthout as a resident student?

      Karissa: Phone and computer, just to stay in contact with ur family and friends back home

Flashlight: Ok, last questoin. If you could go to ANY school besides STJ what school would it be?
      Karissa: Hmmm, It would have to be USC.

– Rachel S.

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