Student Q+A: An English Major Student

A very nice looking girl with long brown hair and a lip piercing, named Jessie Schoonover. Her major is in English and is currently a sophomore at St. John’s University and she barely ever comes back to home because she loves her current environment. She is almost a daydreamer about great cities and stories. She possesses a quality that every writer should, better said, and must have to create great works of literature. Also, I met her in one of my journalism class, The Craft of Interviewing.

1. Why you have chosen St. John’s University?

Since St. John’s University is a good location, I have chosen it to spend my college life. The University is a neighborhood in the New York City borough of Queens; only minutes from Manhattan by car, bus or train. I came from a very small rural town called Now-Shinglehouse in Pennsylvania, located in the Midwest. So a campus that offers a traditional university environment in the world’s most dynamic city appeals to me.

In my hometown, there are no bars and no restaurants; there are only buildings and houses. It is very hard to find some place for fun. And for another reason, I like big city, New York. My “small town is very special” because they can only see one race, white people. If someone who is from a different race and has different culture moves into this town, people will be mean to him/her, and talk about them. This really makes those “foreigners” uncomfortable, and forces them to leave to other places. It is just like the series The Desperate Housewife. Since the area is so small; people have nothing else to do, but only gossip about where are the rumors come from. They don’t accept diversity, so the NYC’s different cultures have attracted me. Nowadays, I have been St. John’s University more than one year, I have known much more about different cultures than before; it is very interested and helpful for me to have this kind of experience.

Furthermore, I had visited her aunt in New York when she was 16 years old, and I remember that the date when their family flew to New York; it was my 16 years birthday. After that short vacation, I said to my family “I have to come back to NY!”

2. Besides New York, do you some other cities?

I would say Paris. However, comparing these two cities, it is really hard to say or distinguish which one is better than another one. Paris is the bon vivant of European cities and the most romantic capital in the world Experience, my dream of Paris, and this smart and stylish guide will help people bring it to life. Their life style is much more lay back and the people from Paris are more focus on traveling. However, the actual reason why I said that my favorite city is Paris, it is because their architecture. In Paris, every single build has its own historical story. When I looked at the buildings, there was always a phrase in her mind “I really wanted to exist in it, with it.” Also for the bars, they have totally different style; it is more romantic and more relaxed. “Paris is my dream, but NY is my goal.”

3. Why have you chosen journalism major class since you major is English?

I love to write and like all the classes including writing, and I write everything that I love, which is my kind of lifestyle. I have read plenty of fiction stories, novels and so on, so now I want to try some things different, like what is the real world writing. This journalism class The Craft of Interviewing took my interest. I enjoy the feeling when other people read my words and share my experience and passion. Moreover, I want to meet more people and extend my social circle, which will help my in her future and add to my experience for future writings. With English and writing I can write my dreams of cities or anything I please to share with the world.

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