STJ Passport: Culture Shock

The experience to people who study aboard is a difficult task. Different background causes the confusion and disorientation, but it is a necessary step to learn a new culture.

A friend of mine, he said “I am always confused about what I can do or what I can not do.” There are too many differences between China and America, like traffic, the pace of life, sense of privacy, self-control about the environment and so on.

Here is the vedio of traffic in China, a little preview may give you a clear conception.

Whenever I go to the market or somewhere else, I always hear that people say “It is unfair to me!” It is probably as normal as saying “hello” in America. However, it is very special to me. If you say that sentence in China, I can tell you exactly, nobody cares if it is unfair or not. I don’t know why or it probably because our country has an incredible population. The only thing we can do is unlimited waiting, unless you are a celebrity or a millionaire. Secondly, the traffic is an unavoidable problem in China, which relates with the enormous population. Every driver is not polite as American’s. I had a lot of experiences that the drivers wave their hands to let me go first in America. Unfortunately, in China, it is absolutely impossible, everyone is in rush. Last, the pollution, which is a global issue today. But depend on my understanding, it is the most serious topic. We have a lot of industries, cars, population, etc. The most important resources are human beings, ourselves. People dumped trash in the river, spit on the streets and all kinds of poor habits. We should take care of the environment that we rely on to live. That is precious, isn’t it?

I hope these shocks will vanish someday, which means China is a totally developed country.

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