St. John’s and the City

Hey there Johnnies,

A Place For Real Sports Fans

In this weeks of St. John’s and the city, I feel the need to be overzealous of the fact that I am a Red Sox fan in New York City. I mean, after this year, why wouldn’t this be heaven? For all you other City Sox fans, I have a place you can go to enjoy the ALCS this weekend, without the nagging rants of jealous Yankee fans and without an Amtrak ticket back to Boston. Now, this place ain’t no Cask N’ Flagons, but it’s sure as hell good enough…

Located on 337 3rd Ave at 25th Street lies The Hairy Monk. The monk is one of the craziest Boston Sports hang out you will ever find (it even puts some bars in Boston to shame). Complimented with 19 beers on tap in 20 oz. pints, the bar does its fair share to keep up with our friends in Boston. It is also supported with a tasty menu not too often found in local bars here in the city.

But you don’t care about all that, you care about watching the Sox beat up on the Rays! What better way to do it than by watching the game on 8 flat screen televisions and one huge projection screen.

Now, along with the televisions come the dedicated fan base who come here to support our Sox as well. On any given game night, the Bar is filled with more than enough Sox fans to make you think you are back at Boston Beer Works or  Jillian’s. Here, you will find that the decibel levels almost equal most Boston bars, as hundreds of Sox fans cram inside the spacious bar to watch the defending World Champs defend their crown.

Beckett, Baseball and Beer, what’s not to love.

~Matt Goulet

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