Inside Gate 6: Student’s Reaction to The Presidential Debate

After Tuesday’s second debate between John McCain and Barack Obama, the students of St. John’s University have a new topic.  Here are some students opinions.


Student # 1

       I think the debate was finally well planned and well executed. However, though the “Town hall” setting was said to be John McCain’s best setting, I do not believe that he did well. He paced the room instead of working the room. He sat in his chair writing notes constantly and seemed to get aggravated very easily. He did not give off the cool and easy vibe. McCain also went as far to do very disrespectful notions. He undermined Barack Obama and threw down a couple of low blows. He referred to his opponent as “that one,” that was far beyond low. He just had not respect for the person he was running against. I understand it politics and it does get dirty but there has to be a line of respect drawn somewhere.

But as far as the issues go, I have heard these statements for awhile. McCain’s $5,000 dollar tax credit for healthcare is a joke to me. Yes, I can take it across state lines the same way I do to purchase other things but that is too much work and in the long run he wants to take money from my work benefits to give me this opportunity. And his notions about how to “win” the Iraq war, which in my opinion is already lost, are more nostalgic notions of his past. He is a patriot, which I respect, but those “glory” days are over.

Now on to Barack Obama, he worked that town hall audience and the TV. He was very personable and gave off his usual calm and cool collective attitude. While John McCain spoke he sat still and listened and never made any notes. He was respectful and calm even when the low blows came at him. He threw some low blows himself but no as obvious as John McCain.

His issues, again, I have been hearing for the last 20 months and they sound good. However, I still do not like his exit strategy for Iraq. Over 4,000 of our soldiers have already died in this war, a 16 month pull out does not satisfy me. I don’t believe we should continue to fight a war but I still don’t think we should leave. Many lives have been lost and tossed upside down by this war. 4,000 of our brave have gone in vain and right now, just walking away is not an option. Finish the job, let Iraq set up a government but do not let them lose. That country is weak and can be turned over by a coo and become another risky enemy for the United States.

My overall view of the debate is that it was a success. The first debate was in a weird gray area with no questions answered. This one got a lot more information across. A clear win for Barack Obama though. McCain seems to be in a desperation mode where is he going to say anything to appease. Right now, the debates are getting good. I am sure the McCain camp wouldn’t agree with that but now we are finally hearing the real issues.


Student #2

From watching the Tuesday night presidential debate, I felt that Barack Obama won handedly. He carried himself well, both on the issues and in regards to his demeanor.  John McCain tried to make a substantial improvement from his first debate but once again, Obama won.  Both candidates, in my opinion, left a lot of room for improvement.  For example, both candidates could have pressed the issues more.  I did not hear much about the specifics of their plans and policies but I think that out of the two, Obama presented more information, statistics, and figures than John McCain.  McCain simply restated many of the questions and stuck to his rally talking points and did not mention what, specifically, he would do to help the middle class.  Obama also pointed out the flaws in McCain’s healthcare plan, which is immensely important to me. From watching the debate, I think that Obama resonates with many people, black and white.  Many people can relate and clearly understand his plans and policies over McCain.  During the debate, McCain didn’t seem like he really understood the plight of the American people. Simply stating that we’re in tough times doesn’t change much.  He also used phrases like “my friend” to preface many of his answers which I think worked against him.  McCain on the defensive is also a sad thing to watch because he comes off as trying to hard and I think it highlights the fact that he does not have much to offer besides more of the same policies as our current president.  Also, another thing that detracted from the arguments presented by both candidates is their lack of truth telling.  Granted, candidates should cast doubt on each other, however, there is a grey area between casting doubt through the use exaggeration and flat out lying.  As an average citizen that is not political junkie, it’s difficult to know what is truth from what is not and these candidates have been using this against us and I think it has the potential to catch up with both of them. 


Student #3

I think McCain did a really good job at the second debate because he demonstrates why he should be next president. His energy plan is much better than Obama, requires us to drill immediately. Also he has immediate solution for Health care, 5000 tax credit for health care. As a republican, I feel that McCain’s tax plan will be better for middle –class, and he is clearly has more experiences in Washington. He much better prepares to run a country be a commander in chief. He is also war hero as prove of record in military. Obama has no clue to do anything in White house. Let’s s talk about this word “change”, Obama keeps throwing that word out there and never explains what he means.


Looking forward to the next presidential debate.

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One Response to “Inside Gate 6: Student’s Reaction to The Presidential Debate”

  1. movie fan Says:

    I noticed a difference in leadership styles between the two candidates: McCain tends to say, “Follow me because the other guy can’t get it done” while Obama says, “follow me because I can get it done.” Ideally, the candidates should say, “follow me because i will help you get it done” … in any case, of the two of them Obama demonstrates a better leadership mentality

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